DIY Cookie and Tea Favor

tea and cookies

Martha Stewart is always a great resource for finding quality DIY projects. That is were I found this cute favor idea. If you love tea and cookies then this project is a must for you. I am not a big tea fan. I would probably switch out the tea for coffee, but the favor is still really cute!


How to Make the Tea Favor
1. Cut and Fold the Liner
Cut corrugated paper to line sides (ridges running vertically). For divider, cut strip as wide as box, and long enough to go across bottom and up and down one side (ridges running crossways). Fold divider in middle as shown (left); secure fold with double-sided tape.


2. Punch and Staple the Tags
Print your labels onto card stock(below) Using a craft punch (turn it upside down so you can center the words), punch out tags. Attach the tags to the tails of a ribbon bow with a 1/4-inch stapler.


How to Make the Favor Tag
1. Use scrapbook paper with a design on one side and a solid color on the other, or download our striped paper and print design onto white card stock. You will use the backside of this printed card stock for the tag template. Download either our pink tag template or white tag template, and print onto the blank side of the card stock.


2. Following guidelines, cut out each tag with utility knife and ruler. With a 1-inch scalloped oval craft punch (turn it upside down so you can see positioning), punch out window. Fold tag and stamp initial. Use a diamond-shaped hole punch to make a hole for the ribbon.


Click here for step by step pics and source!








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