Winter Wedding Inspiration

While most weddings happen during the summer, a winter wedding can be incredibly romantic and cost effective. A winter wedding theme can have elements of Christmas but doesn’t necessarily have to be green or red and reindeer decor.  You can take a different route to make your winter wedding elegant and glamorous. To help inspire you for your upcoming wedding, Bridal Party Tee’s has put together a winter wedding inspiration board!

Decor for a winter wedding is all about integrating nature. Pine, pine cones, snowflakes, and berries are just to name a few. All of these ideas can be extremely cost effective versus using fresh flowers and also a great DIY project.  One of the most important details that can be overlooked is taking advantage of the beautiful snow scenery. Use the snow as your backdrop for pictures and even as prop. Place his and your wedding bands in the snow or even write your names and date in the snow for a great detailed picture that you’ll remember forever.

One of the best accessories to a winter wedding is the attire. Scarves, mittens, boots – you name it. Have all your bridesmaids wear matching boots or matching custom scarves during the ceremony. This idea could also double up as your gifts to your maids. Or even better, design something just for you like a custom mrs. sweater to celebrate your last name while getting ready for the big day. Accessories make winter weddings so unique because they can be used as intimate details that you simply cannot get in the summer.

What are some great ideas that you have seen incorporated in winter weddings?


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