What to Tip Your Wedding Officiant



When it comes to tipping an officiant there is no set in stone guidelines. I have done a lot of research and everyone has a different opinion on the matter. So, I have compiled the advice that is most commonly held. Please remember that this is just advice and you should do whatever you feel is proper for your wedding.  

Wedding etiquette says that you never tip an officiant. However, if they did a great job or are doing the wedding for free then tipping may be an option. If you are paying an officiant you do not need to tip them. If you are having your wedding in a church they may ask for a donation to the church. If this is the case the church will normally tell you how much or give you a range of what is acceptable. The confusion comes in when the minister or clergy member is doing the service for free. While many do not expect tips, tipping them may be a nice way to show your gratitude. In this case, gratuity of $75 to about $100 is standard. This may be given directly to the minister or as a donation to the church. You may give more or less if you desire. If your minister is traveling to your wedding destination they should be compensated for travel expenses, which should be added to the tip. Also, it is always courteous to send a thank you note with the tip or donation and most officiants would appreciate a picture from the wedding to add to their portfolios. As for the judge, Justice of the Peace, City Clerk, or any other civil officiant, they are not allowed to accept a tip or donation for a wedding ceremony performed during court /office hours. After hours, they may accept a “donation’ (gratuity) of up to $75. To make sure you are within the legal guidelines of your locale, check with your officiant for specifics.

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