What Does Your Bridal Bouquet Say About You?

Before you finalize your decision on what bouquet and floral arrangements for your wedding, you may want to learn more about what your flower’s name and the meanings they represent. Does it signify jealousy, deception, or forsaken love?! Or does it symbolize beauty, passion, or elegance, (let’s hope for this one)? Read through the list and find out what your favorite flower has in store for you!

Allium: Signifies unity.

Alyssum: Signifies incomparable worth. Can also represent modesty, bashfulness, chastity, being demure, shyness, and being unpretentious.

Amaryllis: Pride, pastoral poetry, and beauty.

Anemone: Forsaken (Yikes!)

Azalea: First love.

Bachelor’s Button: Hope & celibacy

Begonia: Beware

Camilla (red): You are the flame within my heart.

Carnation (pink): Often used for mother’s day, and symbolizes unforgettable-ness.

Chrysanthemum (red): Means, “I love you”.

Clematis: Mental beauty.

Dahlia: Dignity and elegance.

Daisy: Innocence & purity.

Dogwood: Love undiminished.

Foxglove: Insincerity.

Gardenia: Secret love.

Hyacinths: Blue=Constancy; Purple= Request of forgiveness; Red/Pink= Playful; White=Loveliness.

Jonquil (Daffodil): Desire.

Lily: Day=Coquetry; Tiger=Wealth/Pride; White=Purity/Virginity.

Lotus Flower: Rejected love.

Magnolia: Love of nature; Nobility.

Marigold: Cruelty; jealousy.

Oleander: Caution.

Orchid: Love; beauty.

Peony: Happy life

Poppy: Red= Pleasure; White=Consolation, eternal sleep; Yellow= Wealth; success.

Queen Anne’s Lace: Haven

Rhododendron: Danger.

Rose: Bridal=Happy love; Dark Crimson=Mourning; Dark Pink=Thank you; Peach=Enthusiasm/desire; Pink=Perfect/You’re lovely; Red=I love you; White=Innocence/ sincerity; Yellow=Joy, friendship, and jealousy.

Spider Flower: Elope with me.

Sweet William: Gallantry/bravery.

Tiger Flower: Befriend me.

Tuber Rose: Illicit pleasures.

Tulip: Red=Believe in me; Varigated= Beautiful eyes; Yellow=Hopeless love

Water Lily: Purity of heart.

Zinnia: Magenta=Lasting affection; Mixed=Thinking of an absent friend; Scarlet=Constancy; White=Goodness; Yellow=Daily remembrance.

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