Wedding Luminaries


My wedding is at the beginning of next month. So… I have been running around and doing the last minute meetings. At the meeting I just had with the wedding coordinator from the church, I realized we had a slight problem. Our church does not have a defined entranceway. It actually has three entrances that look quite similar. So, I had to think fast on a way to define the walkway to the entrance. I have decided on luminaries! Since it is a winter wedding in the evening I thought these would be perfect. So, now I am super excited. I thought these would be great for any winter wedding or even an evening wedding. So I decided to post the instructions. Enjoy! I hope you like the idea.


To make your own luminaries, you will need:


* Votive candles (look for long burning)
* White paper bags, lunch-sized
* Sand or kitty litter
* Long lighter (like you’d use for the grill)


Step 1
Decide where to place your luminaries. Measure the area. For closely placed luminaries, figure one for every foot. For wider spaced luminaries, place them every two feet.


Step 2
Unfold the bags, and turn the openings over 1 inch so that the bag is more stable.


Step 3
Fill each bag with 2 inches of sand. This will be around 2 cups. If you don’t have sand, you can use kitty litter. Because kitty litter is lighter than sand, you’ll use more—3 inches or 3 cups. Sand or kitty litter is vital. It keeps the luminary from blowing over and safeguards against fire.


Step 4
Place the bags outside where you would like them. When night falls, it will be time to light them.


Step 5
Nestle the candle into the sand (or kitty litter). With the long lighter, light the candle. If you don’t have a long lighter, light the candles before placing them in the bags.


Your luminaries are complete! Remember to snuff out the candles before you turn in for the night. The next morning (or if you’re a night owl), pick up the bags. If the bag is damp, carefully pick up the bag. You don’t want the bottom to fall out and sand to get all over.


A Few Tips:


  • Check with your reception hall or church to make sure luminaries are allowed or if their is any stipulations that apply to them.

  • You can glue doilies on the inside of the bag for a beautiful effect.

  • You can use a decorative hole punch to adorn the top of the bags.

  • Snow or rain in your forecast? Wrap the bottom of the luminary in a plastic bag or plastic wrap to keep it from getting wet.

  • Make sure the luminaries are far away from anything that could accidentally be set on fire.

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