Wedding Cake Alternatives

 Cake has dominated the wedding industry for years. However, right now there is a trend to skip the cake all together or have your cake and other desserts too. Maybe cake is not your thing. For many people cake is okay, but they have a dessert that they simply swoon over. (Mine would be cheesecake by the way.) So, why not have that dessert at your wedding? You defiantly should, whether it is only that dessert or a combination of cake and your dream dessert. Below I have listed some fun alternatives or additions to cake. I doubt that cake will loose it’s premier spot, but maybe it will get a run for it’s money!



Pie Pic

Yum….pie! Almost everyone has a favorite pie. I am guilty of indulging in the occasional lemon meringue pie. Casual style weddings are perfect for a dessert bar filled with variety of pies. Choose your favorites and display them on beautiful cake stands for a stunning statement.

ice cream


Ice Cream Bar Pic

Here is a super fun option for your wedding that will bring out the kid in everyone. You can set up an old-fashioned ice cream bar complete with soda pop and assorted toppings.  Your guests can make their own floats and sundaes. If you are having an outdoor summer wedding, I think your guests would love this refreshing treat! Plus, if you want to go all out, you could have a waiter there making custom milkshakes and malts. Yummy!

Smores Pic

Here is a treat that brings back fond childhood memories from many campers. S’mores are a beloved treat for many and how fun to set up your own s’mores station at your wedding? Your guests will have a ton of fun toasting the night away.

cookies and milk

Cookies and Milk pic

Cookies and milk are considered by most as the perfect pair. So, what a perfect dessert for a wedding! You can serve a variety of cookies and little shot glasses of milk to choose from. Plus, this is a great way to share an awesome family cookie recipe and make the dessert personalized.

Carnival Dessert Bar Pic

Okay, I am not sure that I know anyone who doesn’t like  some sort of carnival food! I am pretty sure that the majority of people I know would simply drool at the mention of funnel cakes! This carnival inspired dessert bar is a great way to take people back to the fun times at the state fair and other found memories. Plus, the food is good and fun! Showcase snow-cones, funnel cakes, soft pretzels, caramel apples, and other carnival favorites. This dessert bar is sure to be a big hit and leave a lasting memory with guests!







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