Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Sugar coated almonds, giant heart wine stoppers, crystal swans…we’ve all gotten them.  Instead of giving your guests a wedding favor that they may not use, give them a unique and personal gift that everyone will love. Make your favors fun and unique to you and your wedding. Love to DIY? You can do any of the following examples yourself to add a personal touch to your wedding favors.


1. Mason Jar Recipes

You can make jar recipes for everything from cookies, soups, tea and even bath & body products. Get some mason jars, find the recipe you want and make some cute labels for a gift that everyone will love to enjoy. Just don’t forget that your recipe needs to be non-perishable! Here are a few ideas.

2. Notecards

Notecards are a gift that everyone will use. You can use thank you cards that will double as a thank you to your guest but also be thank you notes they can turn around and use. You can use cards with any design  or message on them. Either way, this is a great favor idea that is personal and your guests will love. If you’re crafty you can buy blank notecards and envelopes and make your own or you can find ready-made options here.


3. Homemade Cookies

Take your favorite recipe and make large sized cookies. You could even come up with your own recipe that is unique to you and name it after you and your groom. You can use paper CD envelops to package them. Use some ribbon or string and add a cute label. You can even make the labels to coordinate with your wedding theme!


4. Chocolate Kiss Stickers

Everyone loves a sweet treat and you can’t go wrong with chocolate kisses. Customize  sickers with your names or a message that fit onto the bottom. You can find a template for the size that will fit right onto he bottom of these candies. This is a great way to personalize your wedding favor at a low cost. Here is an example of a template.

5. Custom Tees

This is a great idea for the destination wedding. Not only is it super cute, but it’s a memento of your wedding and the trip that all your guests took. You could also do this for any wedding but a destination wedding is really perfect, since there are normally few guests. You can do the destination name, a photo or create your own unique design. www.BridalPartyTees.com






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