Top 15 Wedding Dresses to Wear this Spring

Spring brings with it glorious weather, sunshine, flowers, and an air of renewal. And if you’re a spring bride, you should carry these themes through in the dress you choose. Several trends that are hot for spring wedding dresses this year, include light cotton, organza, and chiffon materials, eyelet patterns, floral accents and lace. Being a spring bride, you also get a little freedom to play with length. Spring is a playful time, a time for us all to celebrate our release from winter hibernation and go forth into the great outdoors. Go short or mid-length if you dare, pick a babydoll style or go long with a natural and casual material. Here are some of the top picks for spring wedding dresses this season.


  1. Floral and Strapless: While the material on this dress is a little more formal, the light, pastel floral accents and sparkly beaded detail on the skirt make this dress a perfect pick for spring, allowing a bride to play on the theme of the season without losing the formality and princess-like quality many brides seek in a dress. Outside of wedding fashion, colors and bold prints are hot this spring on the runways and in the department stores. While this dress doesn’t quite fit that mold, it does add a splash of color and some bold accents. The back of the dress, with its light, wavy fabric accents, pastel bow, and ruffled skirt gather even further enforce this dress’s qualifications for a spring bride. This dress is unique and any lady who chooses to wear it on her big day will undoubtedly be the center of attention. The floral dress really makes you look like the pedals of a flower and is definitely an eye catcher. With this dress you can be both elegant
    and playful at the same time and it will
    certainly be one that people will talk about.
  2. Maggie London Eyelet Halter: Eyelet fabric is all the rage for the casual girl this spring, and if you’re looking for a casual, light wedding dress, look no further than this number from Maggie London. The halter cut and empire waist makes it flattering for almost all body types, and the not-quite-floor length allows a long, leg-concealing dress to appear fun and flirty. The fabric is extremely breathable and the style embodies the spirit of a social butterfly – this dress is great for any girl, whether you’re preppy, sporty, fashion-forward, extremely simple, or artsy. Perfect also for those of you planning an outdoor wedding.
  3. Platinum for Priscilla: If you’re going to go short, by all means check out this amazing new dress from the Platinum for Priscilla Spring 2008 collection. It’s cute, flirty and sophisticated all at the same time, and it completely evokes the character of Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City.” The organza dress features well-executed bands that add texture and depth to the dress; the satin belt accents the waist nicely and adds a floral element that screams, “Spring!” The bouncy skirt is spunky and chic. This dress is the perfect short, spring dress that could certainly accommodate many different personality types. Alright alright so platinum isn’t exactly the color you were thinking of for your wedding. This dress might not come in the wedding white that you would see normally on a bride on her big day. But this isn’t just any normal day. This is your day and with the Platinum for Priscilla dress you will definately be the the center of attention and it will be a dress that goes remembered for a long time. Do you like to take a step on the wild side and have some fun? If you do then try this dress on for size it will not disappoint.
  4. Henry Roth Chiffon Halter: The light, flowing chiffon material used for this dress is easy, understated, yet so very elegant. The dress hangs simply, gathering in a pool of airy ripples at the bottom. The Swarovski crystals used to accent below the bust bring a bright and fun element to an otherwise simple, yet beautiful dress. This style is perfect for spring because of its light, flowing nature. There are almost no complications to its design, meaning architects all over the world will appreciate its form, function and innate beauty. A bride in this dress would be comfortable walking down a church aisle or skipping across a field of flowers to reach her intended. Definitely a must-see for a no-nonsense bride.
  5. Lela Rose Two Tiered: A fun and stylish dress, this one really has it all for spring. First off, the two-tiered design lends an air of playfulness and is a nice diversion from the traditional ball gown or A-line cut. Second, the chiffon material used drapes very nicely and it’s frothy and spring-like in its weight and measure. Third, the floral accent used on the bodice is nicely done. It’s big, bold and simple, and it’s a terrific alternative to minute, beaded floral accents. And who can really argue with the sheer beauty of the delicate, wide straps and detailed pleating on the bodice? This dress is a trend setter for the season and really one of a kind.
  6. Vera Wang Swagged Ball Gown: The runways this spring all have one thing in common – color and bold patterns. So, if you’re the adventurous type, consider ditching the white and going for something a little stronger. Just take this gorgeous, draped, iridescent golden ball gown from wedding-dress master Vera Wang. It’s a full and classic shape with a shimmering fabric that sparkles and commands attention. The pinkish hue of the material also makes it a perfect tone for spring. But the crowning jewel of this gown is the attention-commanding, deep burgundy rose accent that curves around the waist, making a big splash. This gown is sophisticated and avant-garde and is a great option for the bride who turns her nose at all things pastel and pink.
  7. Mori Lee Chantilly Lace: Stylish and dainty, this strapless, floor-length gown by designer Mori Lee is a great option for this year’s spring bride for many reasons. First of all, the A-line cut is simple and flattering to most body types. Second, the intricate lace overlay gives the dress a light, airy feeling, while maintaining a strong sense of femininity. Lace is definitely in this season, as are empire waists. And the subtle crystal Swarovski beads you’ll find on this wide empire waist band add a sense of elegance, formality and sheen. For brides so inclined, this dress comes with the option of ordering an accompanying shawl, which is available in three lengths. And don’t neglect the gentle scalloping that ruffles out around the train. And beautiful detail for the bride that appreciates beauty!
  8. Jim Hjelm Short & Satin: Another terrific option for brides interested in short dresses, this sassy number from Jim Hjlem’s Spring 2008 collection has many of the simplest elements that are defining spring style. First of all, the shimmering satin fabric is fresh and comfortable and the above-knee length is fun and flirty. The feature that really makes this dress one with the times is the careful and waist-enhancing diagonal pleating that starts midway down the bodice, narrows to a point underneath the crystal-beaded sash and then spreads back out through the voluminous and lively skirt. The blush tint of the satin further qualifies this dress for a spring wedding by lending a warmness and lightheartedness to the look. Again, this is another dress that is a great option for both the cosmopolitan and the spunky bride.
  9. Judd Wadell Cap Sleeve: Most spring dresses this season are strapless or feature dainty, lacey straps. That’s why this dress is a great addition to what’s available in the spring collections. The cap sleeves are very flattering to the arms and add a level of class and sophistication lacking in some of the shorter skirt or strappy varietals. This style will suit brides looking for something more classic, yet still modern. Made of Peau de Soie, a drapeable, matte fabric that has satin woven into the fibers, the dress’s medium weight and dull finish makes it flattering to most figures since it hides imperfections instead of highlighting them like some shinier materials. The empire waist is doubly flattering to most body types. A simple dress without being too plain, the bodice features a shimmering satin that extends just below the bust and is intricately woven. The floor-length dress also has a chapel-length train. A gorgeous dress for the romantic bride.
  10. Monique Lhuillier Floral Strapless: Floral accents are in, in, in this season and no one does them better than Monique Lhuillier, who is known for her elegant and romantic dress designs. This beige dress is one of the best pieces out of Lhuillier’s 2008 collection, which was dubbed “The Enchanted Forest” in her runway show. Lhuillier steered clear of polished fabrics this season and is using lots of the other hot trends, like chiffon, organza and tulle. This loud and experimental dress is definitely made for the adventurous bride. But for those of you wanting to take an artsy risk, you’ll find no better tailor than Lhuillier. The four-tiered skirt is encrusted with beautiful light blue floral accents, mimicking leaves falling to the earth and conjuring images of, literally, an enchanted forest. The beige color is soft and would especially favor brides with warmer skin tones, and the top of the dress is constructed beautifully, with the organza material and blue floral accents tying up gently across a shoulder. If this dress isn’t for you, check out some of Lhuillier’s other pieces from her collection – one is sure to suit your style.
  11. Kirstie Kelly Couture: If you want to keep some semblance of a traditional wedding gown yet still incorporate some in-style elements, this gown from Kirstie Kelly Couture might just be the one for you. It shows its spring 2008 status through the lace V-neckline and the pinkish hue of the eggshell-finish fabric. The cream satin sash is also a telltale sign of its vintage – so many designers are incorporating this look into a variety of gown styles. But the ball gown classification will allow the fairy tale bride to stay in sync with the dreams of her girlhood while also wow her guests with the sleek style of modern times and the girly accents that are so in style this spring season. This dress is definately a very beautifully elegant dress. It is cute and fun and really anything that you need it to be. This dress will not disappoint the bride that chooses it.
  12. Christos Lace: Bring on more lace! Lace is so very beautiful and so very in this spring season. And this wonderful Alencon lace covered gown from Christos uses the material just right. The tiered organza gown is covered in a beautiful light lace that extends from just below the bodice to the floor. The subtle way it’s incorporated into the gown set this lace number apart from other dresses that are constructed to make it the obvious focal point rather than a demure and discreet detail. A truly romantic dress that would flatter many body types.
  13. Reem Acra Sheath: Fans of the Star Wars remake movies will love this gauzy new dress from Reem Acra that incorporates all the elements of hot spring style into a unique, avant-garde look that calls forth the image of a much-chicer Queen Amidala. Over the top of a simple, strapless, floor-length sheath drapes a gauzy, see-through material that wraps all the way around the bride. Worked into the shoulder and left forearm are floral accents that add softness and beauty to the look. And gauzy banding wrapped around the arms further adds texture and style. This dress is perfect for the artsy and adventurous bride – it’s modern while still maintaining a graceful quality.
  14. Romona Keveza: Another short and spunky number, this great dress by Romona Keveza is really a quintessential look for the spring bride looking for a fun and romantic mini-dress. Made from a moveable light-pink fabric, the strapless dress accents the chest and shoulder areas nicely, coming up around the bust in a heart-shape. The bubble hem moves well with the bride, and the folds and draping in the bodice are expertly done. Another major spring element is the large rose accent to the left of the midriff, from which a wide bow hangs. Another fun and flirty dress for a fun and flirty season, complete with breathable fabrics, pastel hues and floral elements.
  15. Reem Acra Fitted: Enough with all this bounce and sway, you say? If you’re looking for something a little more form-fitting, check out this gorgeous floor-length dress from Reem Acra. The body of the gown hangs fairly tight to the frame, and the subtle tiers give a soft texture. The silk satin-faced chiffon is ideal for a spring bride and the ivory color – just slightly off white – is very flattering to most skin tones. But let’s not forget the other spring-perfect details expertly worked into this gown. The V-neck bodice features some very tastefully-done bead work and the narrow satin sash at the waist gives the dress much class. The back of the dress flows to the ground in ripples of satin that move beautifully. You really can’t go wrong in any way by choosing this dress.

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