Soon-to-Be shirts

Soon-to-Be Scoop Neck Shirts and Nickname Shirts

No announcement will be needed when you arrive for your bachelorette party wearing your Soon-to-Be scoop neck shirt. Here is your chance to get creative and customize a shirt that says “Soon-to-be Mrs. [Your New Last Name Here]”.

Do you have a special nickname for each girl in your bridal party? Nicknames and inside jokes are terrific ideas for custom shirts, because it makes the design that much more unique. Having something that is absolutely one-of-a-kind can make your bachelorette party even more memorable. So while you are rocking the Soon-to-Be shirt, give your maid of honor and your bridesmaids their own Bridal Party Nickname shirts for the night of the party. You know your girls better then anyone so show it to them by putting their nickname or unique attribute on a bridal party tee. In this photo you can see one of our customers has personalized her tees by adding “Shy Friend” to her bridesmaid tee and “Bride’s Homegirl” to another. What would you add to your Soon-to-Be shirt and your bridesmaid’s Nickname shirts?

Soon-to-Be Scoop Neck Shirts

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