Secret Ingredients Cookbooks


These cookbooks are a great idea for wedding gifts. They are perfect for the new bride and groom or for an extra special gift to the wedding party or the mothers of the bride and groom. Secret Ingredients allows you to choose from two styles of cookbooks the heirloom and the keepsake. The heirloom contains 250 of your family recipes and can be adorned with up to 15 photographs. The keepsake is a bit smaller and can hold 50 or more recipes. Both cookbooks would be a great gift but I think it would be a very unique and thoughtful present to the bride and groom. This would give the bride and groom a starting point on all the family meals they loved as kids and never knew how to make. This is a great present and I love this idea! I can not tell you how many times I have called my mom asking her for her recipes!Check them out!

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