Roses are Red and Thongs are Too!



undie bouquet

Okay, sometimes when going to a bachelorette party you are left asking yourself, “What do I get the bride?” Everyone is going to get some type of lingerie type item. No, surprises there. So, why not make your gift really special. You could give the bride a bouquet of undies. You heard me right! I said a bouquet of undies. This bouquet is a dozen of Hanky Panky low-rise thongs made to look like the long-stemmed flowers. These will last much longer than real roses. So, for all of you guys that may be reading, this would make a good Valentine’s Day gift as well. Hint, hint…

Check them out!!!

2 thoughts on “Roses are Red and Thongs are Too!

  1. Very cute idea. However I think the hubby would get bored of looking at these for 12 days straight. I want an assorted dozen, lol. This is a good gift idea

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