Rosemary Sea Salt Favor


Use rosemary, an herb of love and remembrance, to preserve memories of your seaside wedding. Guests can take home this fragrant sea salt to sprinkle over potatoes or use as an ingredient in focaccia. After preparing, decant into airtight containers, and label with your new, shared initial and wedding date.


Rosemary Sea Salt Recipe
Makes 8 cups


This herb-infused salt is fragrant and can be substituted for unseasoned salt in any savory recipe.

Tools and Materials

1 three-pound box kosher salt (about 8 cups)
Bunches fresh rosemary, plus more for garnish

Rosemary Sea Salt How-To

1. In a large, high-sided saute pan, combine salt and rosemary. Place over medium heat, and warm through, about 10 minutes. Transfer salt and rosemary mixture to a container. Let cool 5 minutes, uncovered; then cover with an airtight lid. Let stand at least overnight.


2. When ready to fill containers, discard old rosemary. Fill desired containers with salt, and garnish top with a fresh sprig of rosemary; seal containers.



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