I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream


If you are having an outside wedding in the summer, things can get really hot. Allow your guests to cool down with a sundae bar. Serve a couple different flavors of hand dipped ice cream. You can go with traditional flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate or really mix it up and serve mocha chip, mango, or pineapple ice cream. Another option is to rent a soft served ice cream machine or serve sorbet instead of ice cream. No matter what you choose, toppings are a must. Display bowls of toppings for your guests to sprinkle or drizzle on. You can even coordinate the toppings with your wedding colors. Check out your local ice cream shops. There are a lot that will cater your event and bring everything you need; even handmade waffle cones. Yum! Your guests are sure to love this idea and will it will bring out the kid in everyone! Besides what goes better with cake than ice cream?

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