How to Create an Apparel Store for Any Wedding or Wedding Business

Are you a wedding planner, photographer, or a bride-to-be looking for extra money for her wedding?

We are very happy to announce the launch of the new Bridal Party Tees storefront program! We’ve created Bridal Party Tees storefronts to allow wedding industry professionals, graphic designers, photographers, and anyone with a desire to design our top-of-the-line apparel and accessories and earn a royalty for every sale!

What is a storefront?

A storefront is a totally, completely, no-fees-ever free site hosted by Bridal Party Tees from which you can sell uniquely designed tees, tanks, crop tops, dresses, sweats, sashes, and so much more! This means you can use the art and fonts from our design center to create distinctive designs or upload your own photos, art, or logos to create something from scratch. For every sale that comes out of your storefront, you will earn a royalty!

How do I open a Bridal Party Tees storefront?

Sign into your account or create an account. On the My Account page, you will see a link to Create a Storefront. Click that link. Next you will be able to create a store URL, title, and description. You can also upload your own logo. The next time you save a design, you will see an option to share that design on your storefront. That’s it!

What advantages does Bridal Party Tees offer?

Well, we are the only wedding-specific, print-on-demand, apparel-storefront-system that exists. So that’s one advantage! We also have one of the biggest and trendiest selection of customizable women’s tops on the internet. Period. Plus tons of great accessories like scarves, socks, hats, and more. Plus all kinds of amazing apparel. Also, every design is customizable in our easy-to-use design center.

For example: say you are a wedding planner and you want to encourage your bride to get custom, matching tank tops for her and all her bridesmaids- something to wear for photographs as they get ready for the wedding! You can create a storefront with your own custom bride and bridesmaid designs. Give the link to your bride, and she can add her name and her bridesmaids’ names to each design!

What kind of royalties can I earn?

Our storefront royalty rates are based on specific items. Selling the same design on one shirt may earn your a higher royalty than another shirt. Right now, it ranges from 10% to 16%.

You will see the royalty rate on the product details page of every item and on the save page. When you save a design, you will see “The royalty rate for this item is __%”.

How do I get paid from my Bridal Party Tees storefront?

We use PayPal™. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, please create one. It’s easy and free. You will be asked to enter an email address. When you have earnings to redeem, simply go to My Account > Earnings and enter that same email address and click ‘redeem’. The royalty rate that you earn depends on the item sold.

What will my storefront look like?

We’re trying to keep things simple. You have a big profile image (like, for your logo). Then you have a store title and a description. Then you have all your designs. Simple as that!

Bridal Party Tees Storefronts
Check out The Bride’s Style storefront!

Do you still have questions?

Check out our Bridal Party Tees Storefront FAQ’s page

Or feel free to email us at!

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