Halloween Wedding Favors

Halloween wedding favors can be anything from and whimsy to rich and elegant. However, this is the theme that you can go all out with and have tons of fun with.  Plus, I am guessing if you are having a Halloween theme you have a fun loving personality anyway. So here is my list of options for favor ideas that really capture the theme!
Witches Shoes filled with Candy
Get glass slipper favor dishes at your local craft store and paint them black and decorate them like a witch’s shoe. Then, fill the witches shoe with candy and place them at each place setting. Your guests will laugh at your creative spin on a typical wedding favor.
Make Your Own Halloween Shaped Candy
You can always buy Halloween candy molds and make candies or suckers for each of your guests in spooky Halloween shapes. This is a fun Halloween wedding favor, and one that doesn’t have to cost much. Guests always appreciate something that is made or has a personal touch.
Candles always make a great Halloween wedding favor. You can buy witch hat shapes votive holders and candles online or at party stores for about a dollar each. These cute candles can be placed at each place setting to double as both decoration and favors.
Little tombstones can be made or found at craft, hobby, or party stores. These tombstones can be personalized for each person and placed at each place setting, and then taken home as memorabilia. A lot of places now sell small tombstone shaped boxes that can be filled with candy or other goodies.
There are also fake pumpkins now that can be carved. You can buy a small one for each place setting, carve it with the persons name in it, and then have them take it home to set outside their home for Halloween for years to come. Some of the best Halloween wedding favors are those that keep on giving.
Trick or Treat Bags
Since it’s Halloween, fill small paper trick or treat bags with the orange foil covered chocolate pumpkins and other candies. You can also set up a candy bar with fun Halloween candies and give each guest a trick-or-treat to gather there candy in.
Pumpkin Butter
Purchases small jars of pumpkin butter and give them to each guest. It’s like pumpkin pie in a jar and it’s great on biscuits and crackers.
Miniature Pumpkin Pies
Check with a local baker to see if you could have miniature pumpkin pies made or make them yourself. Wrap in cellophane and tie with orange/black ribbons. Simple, unique and delicious!
Pumpkin Bread
Give each guest a mini loaf of pumpkin bread to take home. It is delicious and gives them something to munch on when they go home.

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