Gift Ideas For Your Groom

It is an optional tradition for the bride and groom to exchange gifts the night before, or morning of the wedding. Sometimes couples give each other something to wear to the wedding (cuff links or a necklace), or maybe something for the honeymoon such as snorkeling gear, a golf club or a nice pair of sunglasses. It definitely doesn’t have to be anything major–it can be something as simple as exchanging letters the morning of the wedding or a simple frame with your favorite photo! Below we have listed the top ten gift ideas for your groom should you choose to honor this fun tradition! For all other pre-wedding needs check out Bridal Party Tees! We have tees for bachelorette parties, bridal parties, honeymoons, accessories, gifts and favors and more!

10. A Customized T-Shirt for the Bachelor Party: Surprise your groom with customized bachelor party tees for your groom and his friends! Check out some of our designs on Bridal Party Tees for ideas!

9. Engraved Photo Frame: Choose your favorite photo of the two of you and put it in an engraved photo frame! He can put it on his desk at work or dresser at home!

8. Flask: An engraved flask is a really fun and inexpensive keepsake for your groom!

7. Watch: Buying your groom a watch is a classic gift that he will appreciate. Chances are he just spent mega bucks on your engagement ring so why not help him step up his own jewelry collection with a fancy new watch?

6. Cufflinks: Most tuxedos come with a pair of cheap plastic cufflinks and studs that are hardly befitting of your stylish groom! Help him upgrade with a nice pair that he can wear for years to come!

5. Poker Night: Not everyone can afford a getaway weekend to Las Vegas for some gambling, so surprise your guy with a bottle of his favorite liquor, some music, and a poker set! Invite the boys and you’re done!

4. Fishing gear: Send him on a fishing trip with his boys and send him on his way with some new fishing gear! If he’s not a fisherman, the present could be airplane tickets, football tickets, camping gear, or keys to a rental cabin.

3. Digital camera: There are going to be lots of experiences in the years to come that you both want to capture. Buying him a new digital camera will ensure that these memories get recorded! You can even take it with you on your honeymoon!

2. New iPod or accessory: If your guy loves gadgets and music, an iPod might make for a perfect gift! Does he already have one? Maybe get him an armband case so that he can listen hands-free while he’s at the gym!

1. Adventure Sports: Getting married is one of the biggest adventures of your life! If the groom has an interest in adventure sports, capitalize on that and get him a gift certificate for the two of you to do something thrilling! It could be skydiving, white water rafting or rock climbing!

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