Free Wine Bottle Templates: Table Numbers

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Brides, we’ve updated this post with great wine label design templates that you can edit yourselves! See the DIY instructions and files below.

Finding table numbers that are not going to fly away at an outside wedding can be a challenge. That is why I created these wine bottle labels. These wine bottle labels serve double duty at a wedding. They tell the guests where to be seated as well as treating them to a nice glass of wine. The best thing about these table numbers is that even if the guests drink the whole bottle, they are not going to fly away!

1. Soak your bottles in a full sink of warm water, or you could use a tub to do many at a time. Soak for about an hour, then peel off original label. Scrub off remaining glue.
2. Choose from one of the Bridal Party Tees Wine Label design templates. You can edit the table number text in Microsoft word to make as many as you need.
To recolor in Microsoft Word: Click on the design to activate it then click on the format tab and then the recolor drop down menu. You can pick custom colors to recolor the background or the design and then you can change the live text to match.
3. Print out your chosen wine label template on 8.5×11, white full label sheets. You can buy these at any office supply store.

4. Cut along the dotted line.

5. Peel off back and place on the bottle in the desired location.

Check out our “ready to use” design templates below:
Orig Scroll Wine Label Template
Scroll Wine Label Template
Sketchy Scroll Wine Label Template
Circles Wine Label Template
Beaded Oval Wine Label Template
Beaded Wine Label Template


25 thoughts on “Free Wine Bottle Templates: Table Numbers

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! We are using corks on their sides to hold up our placecards and absolutely love the table number idea. Any way you could post labels for number 13-18?? They would go to good use! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hi, thanks for all the help and posting the table numbers. I have been searching for these for days! What a great idea about the corks…are you going to cut them at all so they don’t roll over? With there be a flat side?

  3. This is an awesome ‘green’ wedding idea, and you just saved me 1+ hours by providing the templates. Thank you.

  4. Hi, this is what I have been looking for but I have a few more tables than 20. Do you think you could make a few more numbers above 20? Thanks so much!!!

  5. We are using wine bottles for tables numbers. And while looking for ideas on how to adhere it to the wine bottle I came accross your template. Anyway that you could put tables 21-26 up? We have too many tables… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Heather!
    Sorry for the delayed responseโ€“good ole blog updating issues. Are you still needing 21-26?
    Bridal Party Tees

  7. I don’t know about Heather, but I would love it if you could provide numbers 21 thru 26. My daughter and I are excited and grateful for you providing the templates. Thank you!

  8. Hello,

    My fiance and I are leaving to our wedding in less than a week so I would love a quick response if possible! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are definitely using this idea for the table numbers but the restaurant where we are having our reception is letting us customize ALL of our wine bottles. So, I would like to use the same swirly design on the bottles and insert our names/date/etc… I would just need one sheet of it, or a sheet with just the designs on it that I could type the font myself. Do you think this would be possible? It would really be amazing and I would so appreciate it! Please e-mail me if this is possible!!:):)

  9. Is there any way you could send the template for 21 – 30? My friends loves them for her wedding next month. And do you know where to get vintage looking labels to print your beautiful templates on it. Thanks!!!!!

  10. Hi Laura,

    Just wanted to let you know we’re working on getting the labels created and should have them posted by Monday. Also, I found a site with a lot of variety and design options that would allow you to print blank labels. Here you go!

  11. Hi Jenn-

    I just emailed you with the templates attached. Please let me know if you don’t receive them.


  12. Hi Colleen,

    We have updated our blog post and provided you with more deign templates and you can edit them yourself in Microsoft Word. You can make as many as you need by changing the table number text. You can also edit the colors under the formatting tab. Reference the updated post for step by step instructions.

    Bridal Party Tees

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