Fragrant Garland


Perfume your ceremony or reception site with a garland of sweetly scented lilies. The sturdy flowers are abundant in spring. For a long space or a double-layer strand, have your florist wire several garlands (it’s best done the day of the wedding). Hang lengths of up to 16 blooms each in sections; each swag shown at the left is an individual garland, as are the two vertical sections. Be sure to leave extra wire for hanging; you can hide this wire with wide satin bows. Lily pollen often stains; you may want to remove the yellow anthers.

Fragrant Garland How-To
Thread 26-gauge wire through first bloom; attach at base with floral tape (or, for an end, tape wire to base of a closed bulb). Then slide on second bloom, to overlap previous flower a bit; tape base. Repeat until you reach desired length, leaving wire for hanging.

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