Elegant Favor Centerpiece

favor centerpice 

Humble supplies can take on an elegant air: Monogrammed stickers and crepe paper decorate clear plastic tubes filled with champagne-bubble candies. They’re then piled into a glass compote around a smaller compote of crepe-paper flowers.

Tools and Materials
You will need candies; acrylic tubes, 3 3/4 by 2 inches in diameter, with lids; regular and double-sided tape; scissors; crepe paper cut into 6 1/2-by-3 3/4-inch pieces (two per tube); 3/8-inch-wide double-faced satin ribbon in 6 5/8-inch lengths (four per tube); sticker paper; and a craft punch.

Fancy Candy How-To
1. Fill tubes; tape lids closed. Wrap crepe paper around ends, lining up seams; secure with double-sided tape and fringe ends with scissors.

2. Tape a ribbon around each end where tube meets paper, lining up seams. Gather paper and tie.

3. Photocopy a monogram on sticker paper; punch out, and affix to tubes on side without seams.

Making Paper Flowers
You will need crepe paper, 18-gauge cloth-wrapped floral wire, floral tape, and our petal template. Trace template, and cut out petals (12 to 15 per flower), making sure grain of paper is vertical. For stamens, cut wire to 6 inches. Then cut a 3-inch square of paper, and fold it into a triangle. Bring tips in together; twist. Secure tips to end of wire with floral tape. Cup each petal by holding at center and tugging gently outward; curl top edge outward; and pleat base. Tape petals to stamens, wrapping inner petals low and raising subsequent rows slightly, overlapping them. Fluff out petals.
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