Easy Seating Card Stands



An orderly arrangement of seating cards can get jumbled as guests find their names. Tuck flat cards into the creases of accordion folds, and they’ll stay in tidy rows. This display is not only elegant, it’s easy to put together. Just fold a long piece of colored card stock, punch holes, and thread ribbon through. For the seating cards, we used store-bought note cards with blue borders that coordinate with the hues of the ribbon and folded paper. Names appear on the front, table numbers on the back.

Tools and Supplies
43-by-7-inch pieces of card stock for each stand
Bone folder
1/4-inch hole punch
Two 26-inch pieces of 9mm ribbon
Six 6 1/4-by-4 1/4-inch note cards

Stand How-To
One stand will hold six cards and stretch to about 25 inches. If you want a shorter one, subtract 7 inches from card-stock length for one fewer space. Mark folds on both edges: On front of paper, mark 1/2 inch from top. Then, mark every 7 inches. Line up ruler with each set of marks; score across paper with bone folder. For back, measure 4 inches from top, then every 7 inches; score. Fold at each score line, bending it toward indentation. Unfold end flaps. Punch holes in bottom corners. Thread ribbon through, and knot ends; trim. Set cards in creases.

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