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cutting board

Here is an ubber cute shower invitation idea from good old Martha Stewart! Take mini cutting boards and attach the invitations to them with ribbon. This is great to set the theme for a bride that needs her kitchen stocked or just loves to cook! Plus, it gives your guests an invitation they will defiantly keep. You can have invitations made, or make them yourself. Center each on a board; attach with double-sided tape. Wrap with ribbon, and mail in a small padded envelope. Mailing the wooden cutting boards could become quite pricey, so check that out first if you are on a budget. You can also find plastic cutting boards which are cheaper and do not weigh as much. These are typically white, so you may want to get a bolder color for the invitation if you go this route.

4 thoughts to “Cutting Board Shower Invitation”

  1. Where can I find the mini cutting boards? I have searched the internet and can’t seem to find them. Please send links if you can.

  2. This blog entry was a while ago and the one pictured isn’t for sale anymore …apparently.

    Here’s a current source for the Q-tee board, at $6.50 (lots of other places have it at $8.95; I don’t know if shipping charges would make a difference):

    Here’s one w/ a handle that’s $6.99

    This one’s not so small–11″ x 5.5″–but super cheap! $3.39

    Here’s a bar cutting board for $4.49, yet, it’s plastic.

    Sorry, Sabrina, it’s all I could find. I didn’t really look into if the sites have minimums, plus, you have to consider with all these options shipping, if you are indeed going to ship them. They might end up being a favor instead. It’s the biggest problem with older postings–sources change which puts a damper on the excitement of the initial idea.

  3. I’ve also been searching recently for theis cute invitation idea: has cutting boards in a case of 24. $1 per board. They only come in red but they are Betty Crocker.

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