Create Custom Hashtag Apparel For Your Wedding

It’s a new day and age for weddings and brides are trying to stay one step ahead of the trends. One of those trends is creating a custom hashtag to make their wedding day the best of the best and most importantly to make sure all of those fabulous, candid pictures get caught on Instagram or Twitter. The internet has played a large role in the creativity and planning that goes into not only a wedding but the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

A lot of a little can go into your wedding hashtag. A simple approach is to take the bride’s and groom’s name and mix and match with the year or date of the wedding. You can make endless options by switching up his and her first or last names, month, or year. It’s a clean and classy way to make sure everyone tags their pictures throughout the day and night. Another approach is to use an inside joke or hilarious slogan and then add your name or year. This would give the most unique hashtag that your guests will enjoy and chances are better that no one has ever used it before.

We know there can be a lot of pressure and decision making when deciding your hashtag so we created a list of some of our favorite wedding hashtags:


If you create a custom hashtag for your wedding day or bachelorette then you will want to show it off as much as you can. Bridal Party Tees has custom wedding hashtag shirts that you can customize and personalize with your hashtag. We offer hashtag designs for bachelorette parties, the bride on her big day, or for both the bride and groom to represent at the reception. Hashtags are a new and exciting trend and we want to know what are some of the best wedding hashtags you’ve seen?

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Custom Mustache Wedding Apparel For Your Movember Wedding

Mustaches are considered one of the most versatile trends on the market and weddings are no exception. Mustaches can bring a quirky and unique detail to your wedding. They can be used in props, decor, and some really amazing groomsmen gifts. The options to incorporate mustaches into your wedding can be endless! So for all of you mustache lovers we have the perfect mustache wedding gear for your pre and post wedding activities.

Matching Bride and Groom Mustache Pillows


Mustache Bachelorette Party Shirts

Mustache Bachelor Party Shirts

Mustache Love Underwear

Bridal Party Tees has an extensive array of mustache art in our gallery that gives you plenty of options to choose from. We’ve already created some designs for wedding gifts, favors, and bachelorette and bachelor parties to give you a great starting point. Our design center makes it easy for you to take any mustache design and customize it with names and dates. We want to know, how are you incorporating mustaches into your big day?

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Custom Coasters For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is considered one of the most important days of your life. Endless hours not only go into planning the wedding but the bridal shower and bachelorette party as well.  Bride-to-be’s are looking for new and unique ways to make their day extra special and most importantly memorable. One way to give your wedding an extra touch of perfection is to add personalized details to as many areas possible. This idea can range from customized cocktails to a personalized hashtag so guests can tag all their pictures taken at your wedding. You can easily create your own saying or logo and incorporate it into a variety of options. A small but clever detail that you can add to your wedding is custom coasters.  Custom wedding coasters are a great and unique way to infuse your personality.

Our custom coasters come in two options of plastic and a sandstone soaker. Both coasters provide cork backing for a no slip and no spill avoidance. Our sandstone soaker coaster is thick, heavy, absorbent, and  is a very durable option that will last. Bridal Party Tee’s has a broad selection of coaster designs to choose from including trendy sayings and designs for  guests to give advice to the bride and groom. Our design center also uploads any images or pictures making it easy to upload that first picture of the bride and groom or the wedding logo you have had specially made.

Looking for a cute and creative gift for the bride? Custom coasters are a great bridal shower gift since they can display the bride’s soon to be last name. Bridal Party Tee’s no minimum policy makes it affordable and allows no limitations on your order of one of one hundred. A bride can take advantage of this no minimum policy and purchase custom coasters for the entire bridal party – each coaster personalized with name, date, and role in the wedding party. The options are truly endless with custom wedding coasters. Need ideas or art assistance? Let us know and we would be more than happy to assist you for your special day!


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Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Fall is an amazing time of year to get married. The air is crisp and cooler, leaves are changing, and nothing is more romantic than curling in a cozy blanket by the fire with your significant other.  There are many directions you can take your fall wedding theme and pumpkins and leaves are only the beginning.  Here are some of our favorite fall trends:

Pumpkin and apple everything. Change up the traditional wedding cake and have pumpkin and apple pies. Pick a venue that has a fireplace and serve hot apple cider. You can even go the extra mile with your menu choices by having pumpkin risotto or soup. Why not serve the soup in an actual pumpkin? The possibilities are endless.

Nature is your decor. It’s hard not to take advantage of the season’s natural decorations and it can make an easy and cheap alternative to traditional wedding flowers.  Leaves, pumpkin, and acorns are only the starting part. Line your aisle with leaves and pumpkins or simply leave the trees changing foliage as your background. Fall is a great season to host an outdoor wedding. It’s not too hot and not too cold but just in case the weather changes earlier than expected it’s nice to have cozy blankets waiting for your guests to use during the ceremony.

Long sleeved dresses. Fall is the perfect chance to be stylish in a long sleeved lacy gown that can be very unique and timeless. Long sleeves aren’t your thing then your bridesmaids can easily sport the style. Another unique idea is having matching custom scarves for you and your bridesmaids. You can never go with a custom mrs. sweater while getting ready for your big day.

We would love to hear what other fall trends you have seen in the wedding world. But for now, fall in love with our Autumn inspiration board and get inspired for your upcoming wedding!

 Custom Mrs Shirt // Rustic Wood Wedding Invitation // Pumpkin Centerpiece // Custom Bride Shirt

Groom & Bride Leaf // Wedding Cake // Shoes // Metallic Pumpkins

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Nautical Wedding Inspiration

It doesn’t matter if you are marrying a sailor or simply just love the beach. Nautical themed weddings are trendy no matter if you go with the classic navy blue or mix it up with coral and mint. The nautical theme is versatile and very easy to personalize to give your guests an experience they’ve never had before.  Anchors, stripes, and boat knots are just a starting point but make your experience extra unique by customizing Nautical Themed Bridal Party Shirts.  Bridal Party Tees has a great selection of nautical art including knots, anchors, and boats to help achieve the exact theme you are looking for.

Bridal Party Tees has put together a Nautical Theme Inspiration Board to help infuse your wedding with a unique and classy look inspired by the sea. So what are you waiting for? Drop the anchor, tie the knot, and set sail before the veil!

 Nautical Chalkboard Print // Cake // Shoes // Bride Tank Top // Invitations // Stamp // Table Numbers

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What To Do With Unwanted Wedding Gifts

It’s inevitable. Someone is going to get you a wedding gift that isn’t exactly on your registry.

You may think you’ve covered all your bases in your registry and by the end of your honeymoon you’re going to come home to all the china, appliances, and towels you needed and wanted. But, someone on your guest list is undoubtedly going to try to think outside of the box and get you something you “really” want. Or it is very likely that you’ll end up with double gifts from your registry. But seriously, what are you supposed to do with neon-pink-zebra-head book ends or two toaster ovens?

We’ve gathered some tips for getting rid of these gifts without your guests being offended or even knowing! (ssshh!)

First is the obvious: return it. Fingers crossed the giver of the bad gift left a receipt in the package and you can painlessly return the item and use the value for something useful. Or you can always tell the gifter of one of the two blenders that you ended up with two of the exact same thing and you’d kindly like to return one. Just do it with gratitude and grace and the gifter hopefully won’t be offended. Of course its rarely this easy or we wouldn’t need tips on what to do with a 3ft ceramic cherub.

In such a case consider selling it. Ebay and Amazon are the perfect places to sell the random gifts you get when you don’t have a receipt to return it to the original retailer or vendor. There are plenty of other sites to sell your things through too. Just do some research to make sure the site is legitimate and not a scam. You can try to sell it at pawn shops or other resale stores too. There just tends to be less of a payout to you with these options.

Coming in with the least amount of payout is a donation. Maybe you’re willing to take a hit, not get your gift, and just get that creepy painting of you and your new spouse that your “artist” cousin painted for you out. of. the. house. Seriously, is that what your eyes look like?

One last tip- check the registry’s return policy before you sign up and start making that wish list. Some stores will allow you to return an item from your registry, no receipts or questions asked. Some work like usual- no receipt, no return. Just try to find the one that’s perfect for you and your guests’ price ranges.

It’s never easy to accept a gift that you… well… hate. Just smile, thank them regardless (thank-you note included) and try to graciously if not secretly get rid of that thing.

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Batter Up for a Baseball Themed Wedding

Not all brides are in love with big poofy gowns, candlelight ceremonies, or flowers cascading down the aisle. Your wedding day should be a reflection of your love: who you love and what you love. Some brides love baseball.

We came across bride Brandi’s Baseball themed wedding and were totally inspired! This bride didn’t fit the cookie-cutter mold, so she customized her big day to be exactly what she wanted.

Rachel Abi Photography
Rachel Abi Photography
Rachel Abi Photography
Rachel Abi Photography
Rachel Abi Photography
Rachel Abi Photography
Ready to take the plate and plan your own baseball themed wedding?

-Contact local parks to find a baseball diamond that you can use as your venue.
-Your groom and his men will be happy to be dressed in baseball jerseys or baseball inspired Raglan shirts and cleats.
-Consider serving your guests typical game-day snacks and courses. Think peanuts and BBQ.
-Hire a talented photographer to take adorable pictures with all the baseball trimmings. Ask them to stage shots with props like baseballs, gloves, bats, cleats, anything that inspired your unique wedding!
-Check out our Final At Bat designs for the brides taking their last swing.

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TRENDING: Orchid Weddings for Spring!

Radiant Orchid
Earlier this year color experts, Pantone, announced that “radiant orchid” was the color of 2014. Since then, we’ve seen it pop up everywhere from New York Fashion Week to design blogs. And it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see the vibrant color make an appearance in everyone’s Spring wedding plans (and Pin boards)!

Pantone's Orchid

Orchids (the flowers) have always been a go-to for wedding decor so it’s a small stretch of the imagination to picture a beautiful Spring wedding decked out in orchid orchids and various other romantic shades of the purple. Orchid embodies what Spring brides are always searching for: blossoming radiance. Set on a background of an ivory and gold church or outside amongst green trees and grass, the color pops and gives life to your venue and your ceremony.

How can your wedding radiate with Orchid?

Just about every way imaginable.

  • Accent your perfect Spring bouquets of orchids with purple eyeshadows and manicures for you and your bridal party.
  • Consider a wedding dress with a purple sash or bow. Matching heels that accent the feature will really make your look pop!
  • Your bridesmaids will love you for picking a dress color that works with various skin tones and hair colors.
  • Your center pieces of cascading orchids and softly lit candles will definitely add a romantic touch to your reception.
  • There are tons of delicious ways to incorporate radiant orchid into your wedding cake design. Flower appliques, purple icings, or adding purple berries perfectly combine the color of the year and the freshness of a Spring wedding.
  • Purple desserts, aisle decor, invitations and programs, lighting and even drinks are all an easy way to add more of the decadent color to your wedding.
  • And finally, whether it’s the morning of your wedding, your bachelorette party, or just gifts for your ever helpful bridesmaids, customize some of our many bridal party shirts that we offer in the purples you love.

Remember the staples of any Spring wedding is love and knowing it’s the blossoming of something wonderful!

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Second Wedding

Second Weddings and Vow Renewals

Another cup of coffee, repurposed Mason jars, and antique jewelry. There are a number of things that get better the second time around. At the top of that list is a second wedding.

Second Wedding

Whether it’s your second marriage or the increasingly popular renewal of vows, here are several beautiful ways and helpful tips to celebrate your second wedding ceremony.

Do Exactly What You Want To Do

If your first ceremony was held in City Hall, plan the elaborate wedding you’ve always dreamed of. If you had your first wedding in a church, but always wanted a ceremony on the beach- book your flight. Thinking an intimate evening wedding is the route to go? Sleep in, get your beauty rest, and have your romantic, candle lit ceremony. It is your wedding, and more importantly, your second chance to do and have exactly what you want.

Bridal Shower

It is often the case that those planning a second marriage or vow renewal have all of the typical household items that are traditionally gifted at a first wedding. This time plan something fun for your bridal shower. Take a trip to a winery. Plan a spa day or a weekend camping trip. There are plenty of fun things to do with your close ones that will toast this special time for you without the traditional bridal shower. Customized shirts are a fun and thoughtful way to commemorate the trip or event!


If you can’t think of anything you need that would warrant starting a typical registry, ask guests to donate to the charity of your choice or to your children’s college fund. Use sites like HoneyFund to create a honeymoon registry of sorts. Or add another sweet touch to your wedding by asking guests to bring you their favorite movie, book, or album- a fun and loving way to build your collection.

Blending Families

If you’re planning a second wedding and you or your fiancé have children that you’re bringing into a new family, bring them into your new wedding. Give them big tasks so they feel incorporated and important. Flower girls, ring bearers, and ushers are useful positions that the young ones can fill and feel trusted by their new step-parent.


Second time brides often think that they have to plan a family friendly honeymoon or skip it altogether. Far from true. Find someone to watch the kids if they aren’t old enough to stay home alone. Perhaps a close family member will do this in lieu of a wedding gift. Certainly don’t skip your honeymoon! Your second wedding or vow renewal is a celebration of happiness and love in your life just as much as the first ceremony was. Plan the trip you’ve always wanted to take. Hiking the green hills of Ireland, a Mediterranean cruise, the trip to Hawaii you’ve always dreamed of- you deserve it now as much as you ever did. After all, you’re brave enough to take another chance at happiness and that’s not always easy to do. Be every bit of the brave, beautiful bride that you are.


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There’s a New Flower Girl in Town!

Traditionally, the flower girl position is reserved for the youngest female member of the family, but don’t be so quick to hand over those flower petals to your 6-year-old niece quite yet!

We came across pictures of Lana and Michael’s wedding and just fell in love with their choice of flower girls, their grandmothers! The choice to have their grandmothers in the wedding as flower girls fit perfectly with their theme of family roots. So as you plan your wedding and are looking to fill the role of flower girl(s) for your big day, consider the ladies who are the foundation of your family tree too!

No matter whom you choose to be your sweet flower girl at the wedding, either option will draw the same “awes” and “how cute” comments from guests right before you walk down the aisle, which is always the biggest responsibility of all flower girls despite age.

New Flower Girls In Town

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