Wedding Fan Template



fan template

Here is an easy DIY favor that will keep your guests cool on a hot summer day. Plus, it is a great way to just say thank you in a simply and fun way. To create this fan you will need heavy cardstock (two pieces for each fan), large craft sticks, spray adhesive, scissors, fan template and a color printer. Simply click on the fan template and print on cardstock. You will need to print the template twice. So, there is one on the front and one on the back. Make sure your printer is set on high quality printing. Cut out the designs. Next, lay one piece of cardstock facedown and glue the craft stick to the paper. Make sure the craft stick is almost to the middle, but has an enough room for someone to hold at the bottom. This will allow for extra support. After, the craft stick is in place glue the other fan design on top. Now you have a beautiful fan! So easy and fun. Enjoy!

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Free Stir Stick Template

stir sticks


I love personalized stir sticks. They are a great way to add a personal element to your wedding. They are a small detail that is sure to impress your guests. It is also another little way that you can show gratitude or send a personal message to your guests. That is why I created these cute little templates. To create your stir sticks simply right click on the design that you like. You can then choose to save the file and print it from there or you can copy and paste the image into Microsoft Word or Photoshop. If you choose this option you can paste multiple images on one paper to reduce the use of paper.  After you have your images, cut them out and attach to a stir stick or straw with double sided tape. You could also choose to print the template on sticker paper to make it easier to attach. Enjoy!

best wishes 1

best wishes 2

thank you

thank you 2

love is sweet straw


love is sweet3






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Free Cookie Favor Labels


cookies and milk

What makes a better pair than cookies and milk? Nothing, except the perfect bride and groom. That is why cookies and milk make a great favor or end of the night treat for you wedding guests. You guests will love you for giving them a treat that is sure to please after a night of dancing. So here is a cute little template. It is a pink and brown poka-dot template that states “The perfect pair, Cookies and Milk”. This template is in 10×8 format and contains two labels on this sheet. Simply print and cut these labels out and use double sided tape to attach to  your cookie bags or boxes. Enjoy!

cookies and milk label





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Free Spanish Table Number Templates

Here is a new set of table numbers to add to our collection of free table number templates. This set is done in Spanish and includes the numbers from 1-20. They are in 6×4 format so, they should easily print on your computer. You can also copy and paste the numbers into Microsoft Word and print from there. Enjoy! Also, check out my other table number designs: Swirly Table Numbers, Oval Flower Table Numbers, Orange Pop Table Numbers, and Swirly Flowers.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20






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DIY Tin Can Table Numbers

tin cans

Here is a super cute and cost effective idea for table numbers. These tin can table numbers are courtesy of the 100 Layer Cake blog and they are too cute for words! I love how they are inexpensive and eco-freindly.




drill (with an appropriately sized bit)
gold spray paint
a ruler
letter size colored paper
spray mount
exacto knife
cutting mat
and your number stencils, which you can download here.


tin can2


Step 1: Tape off the inside of your cans so no spray paint gets inside. Spray the outside of each can with the gold spray paint (or any color you like). Be sure you don’t hold the spray can nozzle too close to the tin can, which can make for drippy, runny lines down your pretty table numbers and no one wants that.


You may need to do two or three coats depending on how opaque you want to the color to be.


Step 2: Once your cans are dry, wrap your printed number stencil around each tin can.


Step 3: Drill. Yay! Start by drilling the outline of the number first (following the stencil line), and then work your way in. It certainly doesn’t have to be perfect, but the more holes you can drill, the more light your can will give off.


Step 4: Slide your colored paper into the can on the opposite side as the number. Mark the paper with the appropriate height and width (you don’t want it to cover your numbers. Next trim the paper to the correct size using your cutting mat and exacto.


Step 5: Spray mount the trimmed paper to the inside of your can (opposite the number). And you’re done! We used red paper but you can of course use whatever color you like. If you’re using a color you’re not sure about, consider doing a test can first and lighting it that night to make sure you like the look before you finish the rest of your numbers.


Click here for more pics and source.







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DIY Cookie and Tea Favor

tea and cookies

Martha Stewart is always a great resource for finding quality DIY projects. That is were I found this cute favor idea. If you love tea and cookies then this project is a must for you. I am not a big tea fan. I would probably switch out the tea for coffee, but the favor is still really cute!


How to Make the Tea Favor
1. Cut and Fold the Liner
Cut corrugated paper to line sides (ridges running vertically). For divider, cut strip as wide as box, and long enough to go across bottom and up and down one side (ridges running crossways). Fold divider in middle as shown (left); secure fold with double-sided tape.


2. Punch and Staple the Tags
Print your labels onto card stock(below) Using a craft punch (turn it upside down so you can center the words), punch out tags. Attach the tags to the tails of a ribbon bow with a 1/4-inch stapler.


How to Make the Favor Tag
1. Use scrapbook paper with a design on one side and a solid color on the other, or download our striped paper and print design onto white card stock. You will use the backside of this printed card stock for the tag template. Download either our pink tag template or white tag template, and print onto the blank side of the card stock.


2. Following guidelines, cut out each tag with utility knife and ruler. With a 1-inch scalloped oval craft punch (turn it upside down so you can see positioning), punch out window. Fold tag and stamp initial. Use a diamond-shaped hole punch to make a hole for the ribbon.


Click here for step by step pics and source!








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DIY Napkin Ring from Style Me Pretty

eat drink and be married

I was browsing the Style Me Pretty website, when I run into this super cute DIY project. This is a napkin wrap that would be wonderful for a spring or summer wedding. I picture it at an outside wedding for some reason…. I don’t know why! Anyway here is the steps. Enjoy!


You can download the Eat, Drink and Be Married Napkin Wrap right here!




8.5 x 11? 80lb white card stock (like this from Paper-Source)
Color Printer
Paper Cutter
Double Sided Tape




1. Download the Eat, Drink and Be Married Napkin Wrap. Print using the highest settings on your color printer to ensure that the delicate text is crisp and clear. There are 2 wraps per sheet.


2. Cut each wrap on the black dotted line, making sure to cut off all of the black ink so that the edge of the wrap remains white.


3. Create a mock fold around your napkin to see where you should create the creases on each side of the wrap. After you are certain that the wrap will fit snuggly around the napkin, either fold the wraps by hand or using a bone folder.


4. Secure the wrap around the napkin using double sided tape. Please note, there is only a small amount of room to tape the wrap, so make sure that you fold the napkin small enough to allow a bit of extra room to tape the back of the wrap together.








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