Bridesmaid Trend~ Black Dresses

black dress

Brides are becoming very savvy and are going for bridesmaid dresses that can be repurposed. No longer will you find dresses that make you look like Little Bo-Peep. Brides are much kinder these days and picking dresses that are classy and beautiful. In doing so, many brides are opting for black dresses for their bridesmaids. The black dress is something that every girl needs in her closet. Plus, it is a dress that can be used over and over again for various occasions. The black dress is defiantly big right now and bridesmaids everywhere are thankful for that! Dress Pictured

9 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Trend~ Black Dresses

  1. Where did you find this dress and could you give me the make and stlye please…Thanks so much jennifer

  2. As you can see, a lot of people asked where to find this dress. Sorry for the late reply, ladies–blog changed hands and sadly, lost some love. We are now back up to speed! Sadly, the answer was right under your noses–the bold pink link at the end of the story. It was found on David’s, but more sad news–it is no longer available. The original post was several years ago. It’s still breathtaking to this very day.

  3. I am getting married in this dress!! and i bought it at…. they do infact still sell it!!!

  4. This morning my good friend asked me to be her matron of honor and I’m so excited! Found your website on Google since I’ve been researching my responsibilities.

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