BPT Group Shots: Team PB&J!

This group shot was sent to us by Jenna! Jenna was a bridesmaid for her friend Valarie’s wedding and they ordered these shirts to wear for Valerie’s bachelorette party weekend in Baltimore. Valarie and Jenna had gone to a Beyoncé concert and were inspired by her song “Single Ladies.” Since they are all big fans of Beyonce and the song, they thought it would be fun to incorporate the song lyrics into their designs! All the bridesmaids shirts read, “Put A Ring On It!” followed by “Valarie’s Bachelorette Party” and then the jeweled ring embellishment. Valarie, the bride, had a shirt that read, “Jared Put A Ring On It!” followed by the date of their wedding 5-22-2010. Jared is of course the lucky groom! The girls wore the shirts as they visited Baltimore and even took a pole dancing class! Woo-Hoo, looks fun! Thanks Jenna!

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