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With the honor of being a member of the wedding party comes the fun responsibility of planning the bachelorette party and the bridal shower! The bachelorette party is usually the easier of the two because all you really need are some creative bachelorette party shirts, party accessories and beverages to keep the celebration going! However, when it comes to the bridal shower, a little more thought and planning is needed. In fact, there is one very important part of a bridal shower that can make it an especially memorable event. Food and gifts are essential, but it is the entertainment and games that complete the affair!

If you are planning a bridal shower and need some ideas for games to play, we have selected some of our favorites that will keep the day lively and fun.

1)   Toilet paper dress

This is probably the most classic bridal shower game to play, but it is still a good one! Divide the guests into groups of about three or four and give them rolls of toilet paper. Explain to the guests that each group needs to create the most beautiful wedding dress they can out of the core material, toilet paper! They only have a short amount of time to impress the bride who will be the judge of which team created the best dress!

2)   Read his mind

About two weeks before the bridal shower, contact the groom and ask him about 15 questions related to himself and his relationship with the bride. You can ask romantic questions like, “Where was your first date?” or “Who initiated the first kiss?” but don’t forget to include questions that would generate a funny answer too! Try asking him questions like, “If you could throw away anything that your bride owns, what would it be?” and if you can, videotape the groom’s answers! Then the bride can’t question whether the answers were his or not, you have the proof to back it up! To take things up a notch, have the bride chew bubble gum while answering the questions and with each question she gets wrong, she has to add another piece of gum! It’ll be a true testament to how well she knows the groom, plus it will be hilarious to watch her try to answer questions with a mouthful of bubble gum!

3)   Two Truths and a Lie

If you’re looking for a game that involves the guests a little more in order to break the ice, try this one! Have each guest introduce who they are and provide three stories about the bride, two of which are true and one that is a lie. The person who correctly guesses the lie will receive points toward their score. Whoever has the most points by the time you have gone through everyone wins a prize! Not planning on handing out prizes? No worries! This game is fun enough to just sit back and enjoy all the stories being told! In most cases, you’ll find the true stories are the funniest and most entertaining anyway!

4)   Wedding 911

On an index card, write down some of the most outrageous things that could go wrong at the wedding. For example, “What if the wedding cake accidentally gets knocked over?” or “What if a relative gets drunk and starts telling embarrassing stories about the bride?” Once you have a number of scenarios that could go wrong at the wedding, hand a card out to each guest and ask them to write what they would do to handle the situation they are presented with. Collect the cards and read the responses out loud to the group. If you came up with some funny scenarios, you should get some funny responses back!

These are just a few of the many bridal shower games out there. What are some of your favorite bridal shower games?

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