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7 Tips and Tricks for an Outdoor Wedding

It’s wedding season!

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Outdoor wedding season to be exact. Brides-to-be are putting the final touches on their sunny beach weddings, their rustic farm ceremonies, and their perfectly planned park nuptials.

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We’ve gathered a list of the most vital tips and tricks to pulling off an outdoor wedding. If you’re planning one, read below for advice and avoid wedding day pitfalls!

1. First and foremost, tell your guests. Slip an insert into the invitation that lets guests know that the wedding will be outdoors and they should plan their attire accordingly. It can’t hurt to add a quick note explicitly suggesting guests wear “lawn-friendly or sand-sanctioned shoes” for the day.

2. Get your permits! If you’re having your wedding ceremony in a park or public beach or anything that isn’t a private venue, look into getting a permit for your ceremony. You’ll want to go to the city planning or public service office to do so. You don’t want authorities stopping you in the middle of “I do” to say that you can’t be there.

3. Don’t let the elements throw off your wedding day beauty. Inform your hair stylist that your wedding will be outdoors so that they can plan a style that will work well against sweat, humidity, and wind. Long- lasting make-up spray is a MUST. And head’s up on the heels. If you and your bridesmaids aren’t willing to forgo heels on your big day, definitely think about purchasing heel covers so you don’t slide into the ground with every step. Maybe even get cement blocks for bridesmaids to stand on during your vowels so the sliding is totally preventable.

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3. Save the heat for the kiss. Chances are, your wedding day will be a little on the warmer side. (You’re planning an outdoor wedding because you love the warm weather, right?) Have your usher greet your guests with cold bottles of water that they can sip on during the ceremony. And consider printing your programs on fans! It’s a cute, themed way to keep guests cool. You may also want to offer sunglasses as wedding favors and keep bottles of sunscreen around (tip: put the sunscreen in cute- maybe DIY- pump bottles. They’re waaay cuter). Parasols are also an adorable way to keep the sun off your guests. Not to mention, they’ll make for the cutest photos!

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4. Don’t bug out over insects ruining your day. Satisfy your Mason jar Pin-board obsession by setting up cute displays with citronella candles. For beach weddings, the citronella torches at your local home improvement store look great and totally fit the theme! Get individual bug repellent packs that guests can grab when they need to. Keep your food and refreshments as bug-free as you can with canopies over the food and cover drinks with upside down cupcake liners!

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5. Don’t forget about the restrooms. If there is no public restroom available nearby, you’ll need to consider portable toilets. They don’t have to be tacky and gross either. You can rent high quality portable restroom trailers. It’s just a matter of your budget.

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6. Enjoy the sun! As in don’t let it ruin your guests’ view and the photographer’s shot of the ceremony. Plan for the guests to sit with their back against the sun so that they can actually see you getting married. OR schedule the ceremony around the setting sun! If you don’t have to have the wedding early, plan to recite your vows when the sun is going down. The photos will be to die for!

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7. Plan, plan, plan. And plan some more. Seriously. Have a back-up plan. It’s outdoors, it’s the weather, and it’s unpredictable. If you think you can really make it through the day without a heavy rainstorm, get a tent or canopy for guests just in case you have light showers (or guests who get desperate for shade). If you’re worried about a serious storm coming in then it might be best to keep your venue near some form of shelter or just go ahead and rent a hall with a totally do-able lawn so you can have the best of both worlds. Think it might turn chilly at night? Have throw blankets available for guests or customize sweaters for guests as a wedding favor! Don’t get caught in the dark with out extra lighting and power strips. And pack a first aid kit, especially if your outdoor wedding is in a remote location.

Outdoor weddings are some of the most beautiful ceremonies and no one can resist looking at those pictures! The absolute best way to plan your outdoor wedding is to think. of. everything. You can’t control the heat, the sun, the bugs, the rain, or the wind (as much as you might want to). All you can do is prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and enjoy your day basking in the sun and love.

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