5 steps to the Perfect Haircut


Are you still flipping the ends of your hair, zigzagging your part, or still sporting the Rachel look? Then you, I’m talking to you, it is time to get a new hairstyle! A new hair style can be scary, especially if it has been a while since we got are hair cut. Everyone has experienced a time when they got completely butchered at the salon. It could have been a bad cut or just a cut that was bad for you. There are many things you need to consider when getting a new hairstyle. What looks good on your favorite celebrity may not look the best on you. So here is my list of things to consider when choosing a hairstyle. Follow these rules and you are sure to get a style that is perfect to show off your inner diva!

1. What is Your Hair Type?

Is your hair straight, curly, or somewhere in between? Do you have tons of hair, or is it a little thin? Your hair type can affect what style you choose. For example, if you have super curly hair, a bob wouldn’t be right for you, unless you want to spend countless hours in front of the mirror with a flat iron!!! Plus if it is humid that hair you just spent hours straitening will curl or frizz up in two seconds flat.


2. What Shape is Your Face?

The shape of your face is very important in determining which hairstyle works for you. Face shapes are commonly listed as oval, round, triangular, square, heart shaped, and oblong. Learn your face shape and pick a hairstyle which flatters that shape.

 Oval: Lucky you! You can get away with nearly any hair style you want, keeping in consideration your exact features. To bring out your eyes, short, wispy bangs can help, or just wear your hair completely off your face. If you want to show case fabulous cheek bones, you can pull your hair back tightly and wear your bangs cut straight across.


Square: You probably have a wide forehead and an angular jaw line, so to soften the look of your face, wispy layers or loose curls can go a long way. A too-short hairstyle can make your face look harsh, so it’s best to keep your hair longer.

Round: Want to create the illusion of oval with sides close to the face and height at the crown. The shag is often good for a round face. Short styles with lots of volume all over will make this face shape look pudgy, so you’ll want to stay away from that. Try something that is shoulder length, with the volume below the jaw line, and perhaps no bangs. If you must have bangs, again, a side swept bang will look nice on this shape.

Diamond: This means that you have a narrow forehead and chin, with your cheekbones being the widest part. It’s generally best not to wear your hair shorter than chin-length with this face shape. You won’t really want your hair to closely frame your face, either, so try something that falls loosely around your face, rather than covering up parts of it.

 Pear: Should have a style that focuses on the top of the head and take attention away from full cheeks. The shag works for this shape, too.

Heart: This shape is basically just an inverted triangle; your chin will be narrow, and your forehead wider. To balance this, try a style with slightly more volume around the chin, such as a chin-length bob with layered ends, or curls at jaw level. Side-swept bangs, if done right, can go very well with this face shape.

Rectangle: Your face is long, so bangs that fall to just above your eyebrows will shorten it.

Triangle: If you have a triangular face, you have a narrow forehead, narrowest at the hair line-and a wider chin. To counter act this, avoid styles with a lot of volume right at chin-level. It’s best to wear your hair longer than jaw length, and use soft layers or a soft curl at the ends to soften the angles of the jaw. Also, since your forehead is already narrow, avoid heavy, layered bangs-instead, wear no bangs, or, if you can’t stand having your forehead showing, try a light bang, cut straight across, and also cut to the width of your cheeks. This will give the illusion of a more oval face shape.

3. What Length?

Consider how long or short you want you hair to be. If it’s always reached the middle of your back, you could trim it to shoulder length to give your locks a break. But cutting it to chin length might require some smelling salts when your stylist is through. Do not do anything you are not ready for; you can always go shorter the next time. Also remember that pictures can sometimes be deceiving. What looks not so short on someone else, may seem super short if you are not used to hair that length. Also, keep in mind that extremely short hair works best with delicate faces.


4. Are you High Maintenance or Low Maintenance?

Not only should you think about how a hair style flatters you, also consider whether you have the time and skills to maintain your new look. If you need an hour a day, a blow dryer, a flat iron, and three kinds of mousse, but you have to be at work at 8 a.m., then maybe you need a more low maintenance look.


5. Hair Products

I know you are all going to hate me when I say this, but you have to use the right products to achieve the same style you received at the salon. I know none of you want to believe your stylist when they tell you this, but it is true. They are not just trying to sell you things you do not need. Do you have to buy everything they use on you? Of course not, but get the main ones that you could not achieve the style without. For example, if you have horriblely fine hair, invest in the Volumizer! If you just use the proper salon products, the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. A little time and a good haircut can go along way.

 Once you answer these questions, search for your new style. Look through magazines to find one you like. Take it to your stylist and ask their advice. If your stylist doesn’t agree with your choice, don’t be angry. Instead, ask what they would suggest. They may have something in mind that’s even better. Once you figure out what suits you, let the scissors fly!



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