5 Best Bachelorette Party Games

How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette?

Have the M.O.H or some other bridesmaid ask a series of questions that range from naughty to nice. This game makes a great ice-breaker that will really get your group talking before the evening’s festivities. You can have the questions written out and have everyone fill out the forms, or you can ask the group as a whole. Ask questions like, “What is your favorite romantic movie?”, “What was the bachelorette’s first date?” etc.

Bachelorette, Never Have I Ever

This is a pretty simple game that you’ve probably played at a slumber party, where all sorts of truths come out. To play, one person either reads from a card or states, “Never have I ever lied about my age” or “Never have I ever went skinny dipping”, and those people who have, either take a drink, or lose a point, or however you choose to play the game.
Suck for a Buck
Give the bride a t-shirt with candies (lifesavers, or lollipops) stuck to it and charge people to lick them off.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of as many items or tasks that you want the bride and/or bridal party to find/complete before the end of the night (usually it ranges from 10-35 items/tasks). You can make them as ridiculous or tame as you want.

Examples: Call in a radio station to request a song for the bride.
Get something embarrassing from the groom
Write a toast related to marriage, sex, or weddings

Horror Shows

If you’re bridesmaids are married, ask them to bring a video from their wedding. Every time the camera shows the bride’s fake, nervous smile everyone drinks. Every time the groom wipes his nervous brow, every time a drunken bridesmaid stumbles across the dance floor, the whole party takes a drink, or gets party points (however you choose to play).

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