30 Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day

30 Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Date

By Sarah Andrews

  1. Dress Up: This should be a no-brainer, but no matter where you are going or what you are doing make sure you’re dressed well. Not only do you want to look nice for your significant other or date, but dressing well sends a sign that you’re taking the occasion seriously and view it as a special night out.

  2. Be Punctual: Punctuality is a virtue in any situation, but especially when you have a special date lined up. Don’t let yours wonder if he’s been stood up. If you’re particularly bad at being on time, invest in a watch to keep you on track.

  3. Perfume: Don’t rely on you’re pheromones alone. While they may do the trick, adding a dab of your favorite scent is a surefire way to get your date’s attention.

  4. Breath Mints: This point cannot be stressed enough. Breath mints are an essential on any, and every, date. Don’t, for lack of a better expression, be the kiss of death.

  5. Be Specific: If your date asks you what you’d like to do on Valentine’s Day, don’t give the wishy-washy response of “I don’t care.” Deep down, you know you do care. If you’re an anti-Valentine’s Day person, you probably don’t want to end up at a fancy restaurant. If you’re into the holiday, you’d be aghast if your date pulled you through the Burger King drive thru window. Be up front about your preferences to avoid an awkward situation.

  6. Reveal Something New: If romance is what you’re after, take the opportunity to tell your date something new and private about yourself. Confiding in another person is a great way to increase your level of intimacy.

  7. Pick Good Music: Nothing sets a mood more than music. If you’re planning a quiet evening at home, make sure you have something mellow and inspiring playing in the background. Check out this now-defunct blog for a list of artists with a melodious style.

  8. Candles: Candles on Valentine’s Day may be cheesy and cliché, but who cares? They’re a mainstay for a reason. Up the cozy-mood factor on your date with a few carefully placed votives.

  9. Text Sweet Nothings: It’s the Information Age, which means you can express your love anytime you want. Find out when your date has a boring meeting or when he’ll be sitting in traffic and lift his spirits with a sexy text message.

  10. Send a Sexy Email: Same idea, here. Send your sweetie romantic messages all day long and let him know how excited you are for the big date. It will elevate both his mood and his anticipation for the date.

  11. Give a Meaningful Gift: Flowers and chocolate are fine, but a little old hat. Instead of giving a traditional gift to your loved one this Valentine’s Day, think about getting him something he really wants – even if it means breaking down and buying that video game that drives you nuts.

  12. Hide Notes: Remember when your mom used to hide notes in your lunch box? Provided your classmates weren’t peering over your shoulder to make fun, it always made you feel good to get them, right? So take the same approach – hide little notes in your boyfriend’s or husband’s coat pocket, briefcase or glove compartment.

  13. Express Yourself: Do you love your date and you want him and everyone else to know it? Get a customized T-shirt or undergarment made expressing your special message. Your date will get a kick out of it.

  14. Write a Lipstick Message: Before your sweetie gets up, sneak into the bathroom and declare your love for him on the mirror with your favorite shade of Cover Girl. When he leaves for work, grab some Windex and it’s gone!

  15. Raise Awareness: Forget the stuffed teddy bear – raise awareness by gifting your date with a stuffed animal of an endangered species. Or if you tout a different cause, make a donation in your date’s name and prepare a special Valentine’s Day card explaining what his contribution is helping to do.

  16. Underwear: Depending on where you anticipate the night heading, you may want to give some thought to your undergarments. Even if the date’s future is unknown, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

  17. Laugh: Face it, there’s nothing more romantic than laughing up a storm with the man you love. Get some tickets to a local comedy club or rent a bunch of hilarious movies. Especially if you and your date are just starting off, this strategy will be the perfect way to cut tension and relieve pressure.

  18. Rock Out: If comedy shows aren’t your thing, then hit up a local music venue and check out a great band. This might be a great opportunity for you and your date to explore each other’s taste in music – tell him he can pick the early band and you’ll pick the late show, and look forward to a fun date with lots of healthy debate over guitar riffs.

  19. Mint-Flavored Lip Gloss: Invest in some mint lip gloss. It will give your lips a glorious sheen and keep your breath feeling fresh. Bigelow makes a great product that tastes so wonderful you’ll be tempted to lick it right off your lips – and so will your date!

  20. Bake: If baking treats is a rare occurrence for you, signify the importance of Valentine’s Day by whipping up something special for your date. Try heart-shaped brownies or cookies.

  21. Picnic: Going on a picnic instead of dropping $100 at a fancy restaurant is a great way to keep romance alive and save money. Regardless if money is an issue, having a picnic is a low-key and sweet way to reconnect with your significant other. Skip the reservations and the crowds, and pull out a blanket, a basket and a bottle of wine. If you live in colder climates, no worries! Spread your spread out on your living room floor.

  22. Take a Class: Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse for you and your sweetie to get educated! Take that class or seminar you’ve been talking about or broaden each other’s horizons with an introduction to each other’s hobbies.

  23. Give a Massage: You love getting a massage, he loves getting a massage. Who doesn’t? Purchase some nice, aromatherapy oils and tell him you’ll scratch his back if he scratches yours.

  24. Write a Love Letter: Take a stab at this old-fashioned past time and write a love letter. Unless you’re a professional poet, you’re date most likely won’t be expecting it

  25. Rent a Room: It’s hard to find an excuse to check out the nice hotels in your own hometown. Well, now you have one. Pack your bag and head across the street or down the road to the hotel in your city where you’ve been dying to stay. Valentine’s Day will feel even more special and think — you won’t have to do the dishes or make the bed!

  26. Wine!: Valentine’s Day would not be complete without a great bottle of wine or champagne. Take a chance and try something new.

  27. Reservations: If you are going out to dinner, make sure you have a reservation. Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year at restaurants, so unless you have a reservation, expect to wait in line all night – a surefire buzz-kill. Call ahead to ensure things go smoothly.

  28. Take a Bubble Bath: Make sure you’re at your best by engaging in a some relaxation before the date. Turn on some soft music and fill the tub with your favorite skin-softening bubble bath.

  29. Exercise: Keeping with the same train of thought, the best way to clear out any tension left over from work or other life stressors is a solid workout session. Make sure you hit the gym, go on a brisk walk, or take a yoga class to clear out your system and rejuvenate.

  30. Take a Trip: Nothing is more exciting than getting away. View Valentine’s Day as a reason to take a trip with your significant other. Whether you get there by car or by plane, snuggling up in a hotel room is an excellent way to celebrate your relationship.

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