3 Wedding Traditions That Are Baloney

It’s getting harder and harder for a bride to decide on what wedding traditions to make part of her wedding and which ones to bypass. The customary events of a wedding that were the must-haves ten years ago have somehow lost their luster with today’s modern bride. Many brides are willing to face a barrage of questions that will undoubtedly come their way from wedding guests looking forward to them, than to include certain traditions during the wedding day.

Below are three wedding traditions that many brides are calling baloney on and choosing not to have as part of their wedding.

1) Garter Toss

While the groom may want to have this tradition at the wedding, it can be seen as a little risqué with grandma and grandpa in attendance.

2) Gift Opening

Knowing who didn’t use the gift registry or people second-guessing the gifts they gave is never a fun moment for the gift givers or the bride who really didn’t want the weed-whacker she just got from Uncle Bob.

3) Cake Cutting Announcement

Why risk having the groom shoving the cake in your face if you really don’t want it to happen. Crowd cheering and wedding cocktails will always end in the bride wearing the cake instead of eating it.

Cake Smashing

What are your thoughts brides? Are you done with these traditions? 

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