Roses are Red and Thongs are Too!



undie bouquet

Okay, sometimes when going to a bachelorette party you are left asking yourself, “What do I get the bride?” Everyone is going to get some type of lingerie type item. No, surprises there. So, why not make your gift really special. You could give the bride a bouquet of undies. You heard me right! I said a bouquet of undies. This bouquet is a dozen of Hanky Panky low-rise thongs made to look like the long-stemmed flowers. These will last much longer than real roses. So, for all of you guys that may be reading, this would make a good Valentine’s Day gift as well. Hint, hint…

Check them out!!!

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Free DIY Oval Fan Template



Fan style programs are a unique and fun idea but they can cost a lot of money to buy! So, we have made this template to help you out. Here is a easy to use fan template. Just click on the design and write in the information. You can change the text to anything you like. Once they are exactly the way you like them simply print them on card stock. You can then punch a whole in the bottoms and add ribbon. Another option is to use an eyelet. This will make your program more stable. Super easy and a lot cheaper than buying them!

oval template

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