DIY: Monogrammed Lanterns


By now, I am sure you all now that I am absolutely obsessed with candles and lanterns. I love, love, love them! They give off such a gorgeous glow and really set the mood for a wedding. That said, every time I find a beautiful lighting idea I just have to share. This idea is surprise, surprise, a lantern idea! This beautiful design is created by A Field Journal and can be found on Project Wedding. So, check out Project Wedding for more pictures!


a. Battery operated tea light, do not use conventional tea lights (app. $1 each)
b. 2 brads ($3.00 for 100)
c. Ribbon, several inches in length
d. Strip of vellum 2.5″ by 5.25″; trim one of the long sides with decorative scissors if desired ($10.00 for 50 sheets – each sheet will easily make 5 lanterns)
e. Double stick tape


Supplies for optional embellishments:
f. Needle and thread
g. Paper flowers
h. Pin
i. Printed letter


1. Wrap strip of vellum around battery operated tea light, adhering with double stick tape.
2. Using brads attach length of ribbon to “lantern” to form a handle from which to hang.
Optional Embellishments:
Pinhole Monogram: Before assembling lantern, use a pin and a printed letter as a guide to punch a monogram in the vellum strip.
Flowered handle: After the lantern is assembled use a needle and thread to tack paper flowers to ribbon handle.
All instructions and pictures courtesy of Project Wedding.








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