10 Must-Do Things For The Just Engaged Bride

just engaged couple

It’s engagement season and many lucky women now have a ring on their finger and someone to call their fiancé. When you say, “yes” to the proposal, one of the first things that will probably cross your mind is, “I have a wedding to plan!” But, before you jump into all the wedding details, there are a few just engaged details that need to be taken care of.

Below are 10 things a bride-to-be will want to consider doing after just getting engaged.

1) Take pictures and enjoy the moment

Once he drops to one knee you’ll be filled with emotion, so it’s important to enjoy the moment and collect those emotions. Relax by opening a bottle of champagne and snapping some pics with your new fiancé.

2) Share the news with your VIPs

Set aside some time to call those that are most important to you like your parents, grandparents, and close friends who just might be potential bridesmaids.

3) Update your Facebook relationship status

Once your VIPs have heard the news, it’s time to share the engagement on Facebook and update your relationship status.

4) Take care of the ring

If your ring doesn’t fit and is not insured, go back to the jewelry store and have your ring fitted and appraised.

5) Get a manicure

Everyone is going to want to see the ring, so treat yourself and get a manicure.

6) Create bride-to-be shirts

Show off the fact that you’re now engaged by customizing a just engaged or bride-to-be shirt that you can wear to the many wedding events that will soon be approaching!

Custom bride to be shirts

7) Spend some time together

The engagement phase can sometimes fly by once the major wedding planning starts, so shortly after getting engaged, spend some time together by going on a trip or out for a romantic dinner.

8) Share your wedding Pinterest board

If you were hiding or simply didn’t tell your fiancé about the wedding board you’ve secretly been creating for the past couple of months, now is the time to share it with him so you both get a better idea of what you want for the wedding.

9) Check the wedding fund

Find out how much you both can and want to spend on the wedding and try to get an idea if you will have any outside help from parents.

10) Start thinking about the date and location

These are two of the biggest decisions you will have to make for the wedding, so put your ideas out there and see what works for the both of you. Once you choose a location and date, the major wedding planning can begin!

What steps did we miss for the just engaged? Share them with us in the comments section.

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