Nerd Alert! Top 10 Geekiest Weddings

Weddings can be sweet, romantic celebrations of the love between a man and a woman. Or they can be a great excuse to stage a Civil War reenactment. Whatever your pleasure, weddings are often very reflective of the couple’s personalities. People that have so-called “geeky” pastimes, like, say, computer programming or dressing up like Ewoks, have been known to let those passions shine through during their matrimonial procession. Here’s a list of some of the geekiest weddings to be documented on the Internet. Also, please don’t miss this video montage of photos from geek weddings across the world.

  1. m2.jpgEric and Kathy: In Eric Mack’s online blog, he recalls his “Princess Bride”-themed wedding to his bride Kathy. While this entry is a little sparse on photos, Mack describes both his wedding and the couple’s courtship in detail. One of the tests he put her to before proposing was to see how she handled herself at the theme restaurant “Medieval Times.” During their wedding ceremony, Mack says the Justice of the Peace stuck to the script and recited the same words from the ceremony in “The Princess Bride” – “Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethaw today. Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam…” His wedding ring appropriately had the words, “As you wish,” inscribed inside. On top of the couple’s cake sat a glass sculpture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Geeky? Yes. But the couple seems to still be going strong, and Mack gets sentimental when he describes his feelings about his wife. “When my bride came down the isle, my heart melted,” he wrote. “It still does just thinking about it.”
  2. star-trek-good.jpgArt and Patty : This couple clearly doesn’t take themselves too serious. They got hitched at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas and spent their wedding night in a Dracula-themed room with a coffin-shaped bathtub! While they had a “Klingon Ceremony” and were married by a Starfleet minister, Patty confesses that the couple wasn’t diehard enough to consider themselves “true Trekkies.” But they did get a kick out of a Klingon ceremony they saw on an episode of “Deep Space Nine,” and swore they would have an identical ceremony if they ever decided to get married. After their ceremony in Vegas, they were “beamed” aboard the Starship Enterprise and launched into an I-Max simulated ride through the galaxy.
  3. makomikavows.jpgMako and Miko: These two computer hackers look like an average couple in their wedding photo, but never fear – their vows held a significance only a geek could understand. To communicate their love, Miko and Mako chose to write their vows to reflect “mathematical significance,” writes their friend in his blog entry. “The numbers of letters in each word in each vow matches a consecutive digit in the decimal expansion of a famous mathematical constant.” Using the numbers Pi and Phi, Miko and Mako managed to construct quite lovely vows. Click here for further explanation of the vows. Warning, though, non-geeks may require a couple of read-throughs to fully grasp how they did it.
  4. number-four-pic.jpgSian and Rupert : This British couple tied the knot Medieval-style, with the groom dressed in full-plate armor and the bride wearing a fur-trimmed circa-mid-millennium gown. According to the “Daily Mail,” which covered the wedding in an article aptly headlined “Joust Married,” the ceremony cost 30,000 pounds – over $58,000 — and featured sword fights and a full-on battle reenactment. Check out the photos – the entire wedding party, guests included, got in on the action and made their own costumes. The groom allegedly spent two years researching medieval British wedding ceremonies and customs and said the couple’s ceremony was “99 per cent historically accurate.”
  5. recession2.gifMichael and Janell: At their “Jedi Wedding,” couple Michael and Janell dressed like Princess Leia and Hans Solo. The groomsmen held the requisite light sabers and the bridesmaids looked like they came straight from a forest hamlet. The bride explains that for her and her hubby a “Star Wars” wedding was a “presumed necessity.” The couple met at a Star Wars trilogy party in Hollywood, and while they initially didn’t plan to use it as a theme for their wedding, Janell writes, “While driving home from seeing the digital release of ‘Episode 1: The Phantom Menace’ we were discussing the elaborate Naboo scenery, the Queen’s wardrobe, and other visual virtues of the film when it hit us simultaneously: THIS setting would make the perfect theme for our wedding, in honor of how we met.” The couple even shares “How-to” secrets and resources for others interested in staging their own George Lucas-inspired nuptials.
  6. Wesley and Faith (album): This couple tied the knot at the 2003 Texas Renaissance Fair. Dressed in traditional costume, the bride and groom outfitted their entire wedding party accordingly and capped the ceremony off with the groom presenting the bride with his sword.
  7. screen005.jpgNathan and Kelly: “With this click, I thee wed.” That’s the opening line on the wedding video of Nathan and Kelly, two big-time gamers who got married in a combination virtual and real time ceremony at the Sony Online Entertainment Faire in Las Vegas. Both big fans of the game “Everquest,” an online fantasy game, the pair were married by a Vegas pastor on stage at a buffet dinner at the end of the three-day gaming expo. Darth Vader and characters from “Everquest” were part of the bridal procession, and after sharing a real-life kiss on stage the couple was invited to “step into their future in Everquest.” Taking their game controllers in hand, the duo’s game characters, Lady Quaddra and Lord Garthan, were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Stormslayer online.
  8. Zombie Weddings (video) : This couple was married during the annual Zombie Walk in San Francisco in 2007. Zombie Walks are organized public marches of participants dressed up like Zombies. Check out the related video section – turns out the zombie theme is quite popular at weddings!
  9. close-up-mario.jpgCory and Christi: Nintendo fanatic Cory was only allowed to take his geekiness as far as the decorations, but this Super Mario Brothers cake is truly excellent. But even more excellent was the fact that the couple had a Legend of Zelda ice vodka luge. Here’s hoping someone took away the controllers at the end of this reception.
  10. Elizabeth and Chad (album): This couple’s wedding was thoroughly documented on their website titled, “The Geek Wedding.” There were no space themes, video game vows, or sword presentations, but there is a podcast and painstakingly detailed blog kept up by the bride. She even took an online survey to determine which veil she should buy.

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  1. Great – I’m truly honoured! Shame the reporting was wrong in just about every possible way – starting with the amount the wedding really cost (less than 1/4 of the £30,000 quoted, actually – I’ve no idea where the £30,000 figure originally came from – I think the journalist just made it up!) and finishing with just about everything else!

    It was fun, anyway, and hell – we didn’t do it for the publicity (didn’t even know it had hit the papers until we were on our honeymoon – the venue released the story while we were away!). Thanks for the honour 🙂

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