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TREND: Not Engaged, But Setting a Wedding Date

Not Engaged But Setting A Wedding Date

Who says you have to wait until you have a ring on your finger to set a wedding date? If you are in a relationship with someone and you both have discussed the possibility of getting married someday, why not set a wedding date and work toward being married on that day? If you set the date far enough in the future, you will have plenty of time to start making wedding arrangements and to officially get engaged.

Getting a head start on the wedding details that you both agree on can’t be a bad thing, but it’s probably best to wait until you are officially engaged before you start putting down deposits and telling all your friends and family about the date. Yet, for a couple that wants to start making future plans, setting a wedding date and keeping that date to yourselves is a great way to stay on the same page for future plans! You could even set the date as your five or eight year anniversary of the day you started dating!

What do you think brides, is setting a date before you’re engaged a good idea?