Gifts for the Mother of the Bride and Groom

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we want to pay homage to all of the Mothers of the Brides and Mothers of the Grooms. Once the question is popped and the bride and groom start planning their wedding, there a couple of key people who help guide the two through the process. These ladies play a very special role in the wedding.

Much like they did for us growing up, they offer advice, a helping hand, cautionary tales. They calm the jittery nerves and warm the cold feet. The mothers are there to help and to listen. They remind us why we’re putting ourselves through the stress because they know what is really in our heart of hearts.

How can you say thanks to your mom for helping you plan your wedding? Give her a personalized gift that commemorates the time she’s spent by your side.

Mother of the Bride Gift
MOG Travel Mug
Mother Of The Bride Scarf
Mother of the Groom Ring

Mother of the bride shirts featured

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Mother-of-the-bride Shirt

For all the things that mom does for us, she deserves something special on Mother’s Day. A gift for mom is never about how much you spend, but about how much thought and love you have put into the gift. If you ask your mom what is the best Mother’s Day gift she ever got from you, she will probably mention a homemade craft project you gave her as a kid. That’s just the way moms are; they love anything you personalize! Now that you’re older and have a wedding of your own approaching, one personalized gift you could surprise her with is a mother-of-the-bride shirt.

Find the perfect design and style to fit your mom’s personality! If your mom is wild and crazy, customize her mother-of-the-bride shirt to have rhinestones and bold wedding art! If she is more reserved, don’t worry; we have plenty of subtle designs and styles that your mom will love too! You can personalize it even more by adding her name and the date of the wedding.  Take a look at how one of our customers personalized their mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom shirts!

Mother of the bride shirt

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention? We have mother-of-the-groom designs too! Ask your soon-to-be-husband what he’s getting his mom this Mother’s Day. If he’s still looking for a gift, we have him covered with our unique mother-of-the-groom shirts!