Create Custom Hashtag Apparel For Your Wedding

It’s a new day and age for weddings and brides are trying to stay one step ahead of the trends. One of those trends is creating a custom hashtag to make their wedding day the best of the best and most importantly to make sure all of those fabulous, candid pictures get caught on Instagram or Twitter. The internet has played a large role in the creativity and planning that goes into not only a wedding but the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

A lot of a little can go into your wedding hashtag. A simple approach is to take the bride’s and groom’s name and mix and match with the year or date of the wedding. You can make endless options by switching up his and her first or last names, month, or year. It’s a clean and classy way to make sure everyone tags their pictures throughout the day and night. Another approach is to use an inside joke or hilarious slogan and then add your name or year. This would give the most unique hashtag that your guests will enjoy and chances are better that no one has ever used it before.

We know there can be a lot of pressure and decision making when deciding your hashtag so we created a list of some of our favorite wedding hashtags:


If you create a custom hashtag for your wedding day or bachelorette then you will want to show it off as much as you can. Bridal Party Tees has custom wedding hashtag shirts that you can customize and personalize with your hashtag. We offer hashtag designs for bachelorette parties, the bride on her big day, or for both the bride and groom to represent at the reception. Hashtags are a new and exciting trend and we want to know what are some of the best wedding hashtags you’ve seen?