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Upload The Bride’s Face On A T-Shirt For Her Bachelorette Party!

The bride only gets one bachelorette party, so make sure it’s done right. Customize shirts for the whole crew to wear out while you celebrate. You aren’t limited to just adding text to a t-shirt, you can upload a photo, too! If you want to go the sentimental route, upload a special photo of the bride. Maybe one of her as a kiddo. If you’re looking to take a funnier route, upload a hilarious photo of the bride in her college days or as an awkward teenager. Either way, head here to put the bride’s face on a t-shirt for her bachelorette party.

We’ll even remove the background of the photo you upload! We’ll be sure to make it look great. After you get your photo uploaded, don’t forget to insert your custom message around it. Say whatever you want! An inside joke with the bride, a funny nick name, the theme of her party, or anything else you can think of.

Check out some more of our top selling bachelorette tees and tanks.

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Bride Shirts

Top Ten Bachelorette Party Shirts Sayings and Slogans


A bachelorette party is considered the last night out for the single bride and chances are you really want to stand out in the crowd no matter if it be in a bar, on the beach, or gambling at the casinos! Bridal Party Tees offer the trendiest and best Bachelorette Party designs that will be sure to get you the attention you need.  A clever and a unique bachelorette party shirt can make a statement and possibly even get you and your maids free drinks. We know that bachelorette parties are unique to each and every bride and that is why we offer a variety of designs that you can customize by changing the style of shirt, color, names, and dates.

Having trouble deciding on the perfect saying or slogan for you and your maids? Bridal Party Tee’s has put together a list of our top ten bachelorette party shirts sayings and slogans to get you started!

Bride & Co Teal Tank Top Bachelorette

Bride & Co.

Let's Flamingle

Let’s Flamingle

Getting Married After This vs Getting Tacos After This

Team Bride Flowy Tank Top

Team Bride

Let’s Get Wild

Cheers Bitches

Personalized Hot Mess Express Shirts

Hot Mess Express

Nauti Nautical Bride Shirts

 Nauti Nautical

Real Bridesmaids

The Real Bridesmaids

Last Fling Before The Ring

Last Fling Before The Ring

Our Bachelorette Party shirts are just a starting point. You can easily create a design from scratch and better yet, you can now sell your bridal designs on Bridal Party Tee’s storefronts!

Be The VIP At Your Bachelorette Party With Storefront VIP Bachelorette

VIP Bachelorette is a bachelorette party planning company that makes it their priority to make your bachelorette party one you will not forget. They plan the perfect bachelorette party from the wildest to the mildest bride and will go out of their way to make sure the bride has the most memorable last night out as a single lady.

To enhance a night to never forget, VIP Bachelorette decided to take their brand to the next level by offering custom apparel. VIP Bachelorette is now a high rising storefront on Bridal Party Tees with top rated designs. This is why Bridal Party Tees wants to highlight VIP Bachelorette as our storefront of the month! What we love most about the VIP Bachelorette storefront is that they have incredible images and logos but were unable to get the quality they desired on custom apparel. While we understand that every storefront owner isn’t a technological wiz Bridal Party Tees wanted to make sure VIP Bachelorette got the exact designs they were envisioning from start to finish. Bridal Party Tees was able to offer art and design assistance to match the needs and look that VIP Bachelorette envisioned.

Bridal Party Tees wants every storefront to achieve the design aesthetic they are looking for and are more than willing to help you get to that level you want to reach. We will help you with art assistance, design concepts, and anything else you can think of! If you are thinking of opening up a storefront with Bridal Party Tees shoot us an email and we will be excited to help your brand grow! Need more information on Bridal Party Tees storefronts? Check out our storefront FAQ page!

Let Love Glow with Glow in the Dark Bachelorette Shirts

Ready, set, glow! Are you looking for the next big idea to set your Bachelorette Party apart from the rest? Bridal Party Tees has now added Glow in the Dark Bachelorette Shirts to make your bridal party stand out in the dark. The glow in the dark feature is a great option to take the “Team Bride” design to the next level on jerseys and pinnies. Our glow in the dark film is an ultra-thin material that is laser cut and then heated pressed. This process creates an extremely durable design that won’t fade over time.  Most bachelorette parties end with a night of dancing at the club so why not create matching glow in the dark koozies and glow in the dark bachelorette sashes.  There is no way you will be missed when you are lighting up the dance floor!

Some great sayings and slogans that work well with the glow in the dark feature are:

 Let Love Glow

Shot In The Dark – Bachelorette Party

Let’s Get Wild

Electric Bride

Glowing Bride

Do you have any glow in the dark bachelorette design ideas? Let us know or start your own storefront!

Bachelorette Shirts Ideas Preview

7 Creative Ideas for Bachelorette Party Shirts

Every bride wants to have something that makes her wedding unique and special to stand out from the rest. So when it comes to the bachelorette party, you can bet the same holds true! One way a bride can put her signature stamp on the bachelorette party is to create custom bachelorette party shirts for her and her bridesmaids. Instead of settling for a plain t-shirt that lacks any personalization and creativity, customize the bachelorette party shirts to fit your group’s style and personality. If the creative side of your brain is spent, don’t worry. We have a great selection of pre-designed bachelorette party shirts you can choose from!

Check out these 7 bachelorette party shirt designs we love:

1) Cheers Bitches
Here’s to you and your last night out! Raise a glass and let the night’s adventures begin with your fun-loving group of girls by your side.

Cheers bitches bachelorette party shirts

2) Team Bride
It’s all for the bride! Outfit the bridal party in team bride shirts so everyone knows who your go-to ladies are.

Team bride bachelorette party shirts

3) Let’s get wild
Have you and your bridesmaids always been known as the wild bunch? Then for your final hurrah as a single lady, the “let’s get wild” design is a must!

Let's get wild bachelorette party shirts

4) Western/Country
These are the perfect bachelorette party shirts of any cowgirl who is about to get hitched.

Western bachelorette party shirts

5) Keep calm
It’s hard for any soon-to-be-bride to keep calm, but the bachelorette party should be your time to break away from the wedding madness and enjoy yourself! Keep calm and have a blast partying the night away.

Keep calm bachelorette party shirts

6) Mustache
You’ve probably noticed this popular party accessory everywhere, so embrace it! Join the mustache craze and make it part of your bachelorette party shirt design.

Mustache bachelorette party shirts

7) Raise hell before the wedding bells
This design is reserved for the bachelorette party group that wants to go all out and leave their mark on the night.

Raising hell before the wedding bells bachelorette party shirts

Looking for more ideas? Check out the entire line-up of bachelorette party shirts we have waiting for you to celebrate in all night long!

Bachelorette Party Shirts


Girls Night Out!

Check out this awesome lookbook we made over at Polyvore. We’re very excited about Polyvore because it allows us to showcase our items in an idealized setting, which is perfect because that’s how we imagine them being used when we design them! If you love Polyvore and love creating inspiring sets, please check out our BridalPartyTees account on Polyvore.

Girls Night Out from Bridal Party Tees



Bride & Co. Tee

Final Fling Tank

Girls Night Out Tank

Bridal Entourage Tee

Team Bride Sexy Tank w/Back

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