Get The Look: Beachy Bride Tribe Shirts

Clique, squad, or entourage – there are many different names to call your girl gang. One of the most popular and trendier terms that has caught on in the bridal industry is bride tribe.  The word tribe can be defined as a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.  It makes perfect sense that the bride would want to surround herself with the people she loves most and use this term to celebrate a very significant moment of time in her life.

Bridal Party Tees bride tribe shirts are a big hit with bride-to-bes. They cannot get enough for this catchy saying and love to wear it even more. We love to see all bachelorettes rocking our designs and wanted to share one of our all time favorites with our devoted fans!

Bride Tribe Shirts

What we really admire about this amazing photo is that this group of ladies created custom bride tribe shirts. Our bride tribe gallery is full of airy feathers, hand sketched arrows, and one of a kind text art that you will not find anywhere else but with the ability to customize any design onto any product we offer, these ladies designed bright neon crop tops for their bachelorette party cruise. It goes to show that every bridal saying or slogan can work for any theme you are trying to accomplish. Way to go ladies!

Think these fabulous beachy, neon bride tribe shirts work for your bachelorette theme as well? No worries. You can’t get them here!

These tan maids shared their picture with us via Instagram and you can too! Easily share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

Bride Tribe Shirts

When you think of bachelorette parties you automatically expect the cliche or stereotypical atmosphere that you see in the movies. They almost always include lots of drinking, strippers, and naughty shaped objects. The era to alternative bachelorette parties is here and maids are doing their best to create a one of a kind experience for their bride-to-be. At Bridal Party Tees, we know all to much the desire to be trendsetters in the bridal industry and that is why we want to provide bachelorette party designs that you will not see anywhere else. One of our newest and most favorite design concepts that we’ve added is custom Bride Tribe shirts!

Bride Tribe Shirts

At Bridal Party Tees,  we are passionate about fun, fresh, and trendy designs. Our Bride Tribe shirts give our customers a cute and whimsical take on the ordinary bachelorette party.  Designs include airy feathers, hand sketched arrows and text on flowy, lightweight tops but it gets better! All of our designs are printed on high-quality, super comfy tanks, tees and sweatshirts with the option for customization. Add your maid’s name, dates, and even the destination city where your bash is being held.

 Bride Tribe Shirts

Maybe the bride tribe theme isn’t exactly what you are looking for. Bridal Party Tees offers thousands of bachelorette party shirts that will fit any and every theme you can image.

Better yet, be the ultimate trendsetter by opening up your own custom bridal apparel storefront! Create your own designs from scratch and earn money for it. Have questions or need some assistance? Bridal Party Tees wants every storefront to achieve the design aesthetic they are looking for and are more than willing to help you get to that level you want to reach. We will help you with art assistance, design concepts, and anything else you can think of. Reach out to us at!