Nautical Wedding Inspiration

It doesn’t matter if you are marrying a sailor or simply just love the beach. Nautical themed weddings are trendy no matter if you go with the classic navy blue or mix it up with coral and mint. The nautical theme is versatile and very easy to personalize to give your guests an experience they’ve never had before.  Anchors, stripes, and boat knots are just a starting point but make your experience extra unique by customizing Nautical Themed Bridal Party Shirts.  Bridal Party Tees has a great selection of nautical art including knots, anchors, and boats to help achieve the exact theme you are looking for.

Bridal Party Tees has put together a Nautical Theme Inspiration Board to help infuse your wedding with a unique and classy look inspired by the sea. So what are you waiting for? Drop the anchor, tie the knot, and set sail before the veil!

 Nautical Chalkboard Print // Cake // Shoes // Bride Tank Top // Invitations // Stamp // Table Numbers

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Flowy Tank Top Featured Image

Flowy Tank Tops for the Bride, Bridesmaid, and Maid of Honor

With everything you have to do for your wedding, stressing about what type of shirts you want to customize for the night for your bachelorette party shouldn’t be one of them. Sometimes the biggest issue is finding a fashionable women’s top that is even capable of being customized. At Bridal Party Tees, finding a fashion forward top you can personalize isn’t an issue. We strive to bring our customers some of the best tops that are capable of being custom designed for your bachelorette party. One popular item our customers are in love with recently is our flowy tank tops paired with our fabulous crown art.

These bridal flowy tank tops are perfect for the bride who is having a spring or summer wedding. They are not only soft, but also lightweight and come in warm weather colors.

For the bride-to-be, it is only appropriate to save the white, flowy tank top with the bolder crown art for you and then design a matching look for your bridal party with more subtle art and a different color.

The crown design with our flowy tank tops is such a stylish look that you could even wear it to other wedding events like the bridal shower or wedding rehearsal; that is if they make it through the wild and crazy bachelorette party!

Flowy Tank Top With Bride's Name and Crown

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Our “I Got One” Bride Tank Top Appeared on the TLC Show “Four Weddings”

If you are planning a wedding or just a big fan of weddings in general then chances are you watch TLC’s “Four Weddings.” Recently, one of the brides was sporting Bridal Party Tee’s “I Got One” Bride Tank Top!

Emma wore her “I Got One” Tank Top at the end of her wedding for her sparkler send off which is a really cute and unique idea since most Bride’s wear their shirts while they are getting ready for their big day. This is a great way to show off your new last name in front of all your guests! Check out our “I Got One” Bride Shirts so you can have your own on your big day! And if you’re man is digging the Groom’s shirt then check out our Game Over Shirts too.

The now Mrs. Bordelon was in the fact the winner of this episode and won an incredible romantic getaway to Mexico for their honeymoon! We’re not bias or anything but we think the tank top secured the win.

Here’s a clearer picture of our tank top on the happy newlywed!

At Bridal Party Tee’s we love nothing more than seeing our Bride’s and Bride-To-Be’s happily wearing our designs so make sure to send in your customer photos at Who knows, you could be our next featured Bride!

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Team Bride Tank Tops as Seen on Pinterest

Pinterest has become a popular resource to use when planning your wedding. In fact, we have our own Pinterest account to share wedding ideas with our lovely customers. We love browsing through all of the creative wedding pins. We especially love when we come across our products pinned by other people. Needless to say, we were very excited to find that this particular photo of our Team Bride tank tops has gone viral on Pinterest. Our wonderful customer, Kristen, said this about the tank tops she made for her bachelorette party:

“I came up with the idea of this and then ordered them from the only website that would allow me to create exactly what I wanted for my girls and I. The website is I especially loved this site because they had shirts in my wedding colors (ivory and turquoise) which is exactly what I wanted.”

Awesome! You can create your own tank tops like these for both the bride and bridesmaids. Change the colors to match your own wedding! You can even change the shirt style and font if you’d like something different!

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