Get The Look: The Bride’s Squad Shirts

Trends come and go in the wedding industry and each year bride’s are looking for the next big thing to make their special day better than ever. Pop culture is a huge influence in what consumers are looking for and at Bridal Party Tees, we do our best to take those trends and mash them together with custom bridal apparel. So what are bride-to-be’s looking for when it comes to their big day? Ever since the catchy and controversial Bad Blood song graced our radio stations, people everywhere have gathered up their closest friends and deemed them their squad. From there bride’s squad shirts were born. Bridal parties everywhere can’t get enough of it and love to share their squad doing what squad’s do best.

The Bride's Squad Shirts

It only makes sense for the bride to call her bridal party her squad. Traditionally the maid of honor and bridesmaids are chosen as a significant and close group of friends to be a part of every single moment from the engagement to the wedding day.  The ladies above chose a lightweight tank top for their beachy get-away but you can easily customize any design from our gallery by changing the art, font, and text or swapping it onto an entirely different item. The best part about our bride’s squad shirts is that they can be used with so many different themes. Beach, Vegas, and even country – ladies can easily get their squad goals on with this trend.

These ride or die maids shared their picture with us via Instagram and you can too! Easily share your pictures with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram@bridalpartytees!

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Bride Squad Shirts For Your Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties today are bigger and better than anything you could ever imagine. This isn’t just a one night rodeo, it’s a weekend to a week long event of endless celebrating. Your bachelorette party is suppose to be literally, the time of your life and a big ball of epic awesomeness. With the pressure to have the best and most unique experience, you want your last nights as a single lady to be the party that everyone is talking about for years to come. So go big or go home and make sure everyone knows that ain’t no one fresher than your clique with custom Bride Squad shirts.

Bride Squad Shirts

”Squad goals” can be simply the goals of your squad (your friends or your clique), but sometimes that seems to play out in practice as simply “awesome,” as in “This is awesome,” meaning “I or we want this someday,” or “We want to be like this.” Translation – your bachelorette party is the party ladies want to be at and the party they want to have. Bridal Party Tee’s wants to help you and your squad achieve that level of epicness with our bride squad shirts that are the best online. That’s right, we went there.

With brands like American Apparel, Bella, and Alternative Apparel, Bridal Party Tee’s has the most ridiculously cute and trendiest tees, tanks, and crop tops to create your designs on.  Customize any design from our gallery by changing the art, font, and text or swapping it onto an entirely different item. You can even create matching accessories like trucker hats or shot glasses to take home as commemorative party favors. Your squad will be the envy of all bachelorette parties to follow and let’s be real, you hate us cause you ain’t us.

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