Ring and Date Tank Top

Team “Bride’s Name” Tank Tops

When you and your girls go out for your bachelorette party go out as a team with Team “Brides Name” Tank Tops! When you celebrate one of your last nights as a single lady with your friends and bridal party show who the members of your team are on your wedding day by customizing bachelorette party tanks for each bridal member.

Proudly display the fact that these ladies from your left and right are there to support you. Show who holds what position in your bridal party by adding the maid of honor title or bridesmaid title under your team name to the customized bridal party shirt or customized bridal party tank.  Go the extra mile and add in art and the date! You can keep it simple and elegant like our customer did here with the bachelorette party ring and date tanks or you can go all out, just make sure the design fits your style and personality!

Bachelorette Party Ring and Date Tanks


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A Design Fit For a (Future) King

By now you’ve probably heard about the crazy time that Prince Harry had when visiting Las Vegas recently. If you haven’t heard, let us recap. Prince Harry ran into a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette party and basically crashed it, even asking to wear one of their custom tank tops. You can check the photos out in this Daily Mail article. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Did you look? Crazy stuff, right?

Why do we care about this incident, you ask? Well, the design on the tank tops was one originally created by our designers here at Bridal Party Tees. It reads “Let’s get WILD. [Name’s] Bachelorette!”.

This is our original design:

You can also choose from a variety of other top and color options:

So, if you want to be like Prince Harry and get wild at a bachelorette party, we have a variety of Let’s Get Wild Bachelorette Shirts to choose from!

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