Bad and Boozy Bachelorette Shirts

If you’re planning a bachelorette party or just attending, chances are some tasty alcoholic beverages will be involved. Actually, it might be a law that bachelorette parties must include alcohol.  They are notorious for bar crawls and wild nights so it only makes sense to plan your theme around your drink of choice. Champagne? Beer? Tequila? Whatever your poison may be, Bridal Party Tees has got you covered. Quench your thirst with custom bad and boozy bachelorette shirts for you and your maids!

We don’t like to brag but Bridal Party Tees has the best in-house design team online. Our gallery is full of intoxicating designs that will get you lit like the 4th of July. Customize any design in our gallery or start completely from scratch. We know every lady has their own style so we make sure to have the widest selection of shirts possible. Take any design from our gallery and easily swap out the product on to whatever product you like best. You can literally create custom bachelorette shirts that no one else will have!

Bachelorette Shirts

Need more ideas? Wet your whistle with some of our favorite sayings and slogans:

Whiskey Bent and Veil Bound

Brews Before I Do

Sip Sip Hooray

Champagne Campaign

Pour The Wine His Last Name Is Mine

Bride Boujee/Bad and Boozy

Whiskey Business

I Got The Hubby/We Got The Bubbly

Vino Before Vows

Drunk In Love

Pop The Champs

Cheers Bitches/Adios Bitchachos

Smashed In Nash

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Get The Look: Getting Drunk Bachelorette Shirts

For whatever reason there always seems to be one main objective when it comes to a bachelorette party and that is to get wasted. Bar crawls to wineries – there is a chance there is some kind alcoholic beverage involved in your festivities.  Some maids shy away from the obvious while others want to put it all out there and that’s exactly what these boozy bachelorettes did with their Getting Drunk bachelorette shirts!

We're Getting Drunk Bachelorette Shirts

What we love most about these intoxicating designs is that this bridal party started from scratch. Instead of selecting a design and customizing from there, they chose their favorite product styles and colors and then completed their design. We cannot get enough of the originality of this concept especially because it’s such a huge trend we keep seeing in the bridal industry.

This idea worked for these ladies but maybe it’s not exactly what you are thinking for your squad. Here is a list of some of favorite under the influence sayings:

Drunk In Love – Just Drunk

Champagne In The Membrane

Bad and Boozy Bachelorette

Wed, White, and Boozed

Bachelorette Brew Crew

Pop The Champagne, She’s Changing Her Name

Cheers/Drink Up Bitches

It’s My Party and I’ll Wine If I Want To

Drunk On Love

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Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirts

There’s a lot of pressure when planning a bachelorette party. You have to be attentive of the bride’s style and every detail must be taken into consideration but sometimes you need a little help in the planning department. Are you that maid of honor who is desperately looking for bachelorette party ideas for your fall obsessed bride? Instead of a generic theme that everyone else is doing why not throw the ultimate ghoul’s night out for her? Design Halloween bachelorette party shirts and throw a Halloween-themed bachelorette party that’s so much fun you’ll want to take the memories to the grave with you.

Contrary to popular belief, wedding season doesn’t end in September. Fall weddings are becoming the trend and it makes the perfect sense to throw a Halloween bachelorette party for your main witch. Spooky drinks, haunted houses, or hilarious face paint – you can be as sexy or scary as you want! This new take on a bachelorette party will haunt your dreams for years to come. Our design center is loaded with great Halloween art like witches, ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons and many more pieces that scream Halloween. Take any design in our gallery and customize it by simply clicking the “start customizing the design now” button.

Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirts

What really makes our halloween bachelorette party shirts so unique and special is that you can customize each shirt to specifically fit each individual person in your group without spending too much money! If you have a large group or designing shirts for six or more, you’ll automatically receive a group discount.

Halloween Bachelorette Party Shirts

We’ve already supplied some great designs to get you started but we would love to hear what you come up with. Show us your ghoul squad via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

Bride Shirts

Top Ten Bachelorette Party Shirts Sayings and Slogans


A bachelorette party is considered the last night out for the single bride and chances are you really want to stand out in the crowd no matter if it be in a bar, on the beach, or gambling at the casinos! Bridal Party Tees offer the trendiest and best Bachelorette Party designs that will be sure to get you the attention you need.  A clever and a unique bachelorette party shirt can make a statement and possibly even get you and your maids free drinks. We know that bachelorette parties are unique to each and every bride and that is why we offer a variety of designs that you can customize by changing the style of shirt, color, names, and dates.

Having trouble deciding on the perfect saying or slogan for you and your maids? Bridal Party Tee’s has put together a list of our top ten bachelorette party shirts sayings and slogans to get you started!

Bride & Co Teal Tank Top Bachelorette

Bride & Co.

Let's Flamingle

Let’s Flamingle

Getting Married After This vs Getting Tacos After This

Team Bride Flowy Tank Top

Team Bride

Let’s Get Wild

Cheers Bitches

Personalized Hot Mess Express Shirts

Hot Mess Express

Nauti Nautical Bride Shirts

 Nauti Nautical

Real Bridesmaids

The Real Bridesmaids

Last Fling Before The Ring

Last Fling Before The Ring

Our Bachelorette Party shirts are just a starting point. You can easily create a design from scratch and better yet, you can now sell your bridal designs on Bridal Party Tee’s storefronts!

Be The VIP At Your Bachelorette Party With Storefront VIP Bachelorette

VIP Bachelorette is a bachelorette party planning company that makes it their priority to make your bachelorette party one you will not forget. They plan the perfect bachelorette party from the wildest to the mildest bride and will go out of their way to make sure the bride has the most memorable last night out as a single lady.

To enhance a night to never forget, VIP Bachelorette decided to take their brand to the next level by offering custom apparel. VIP Bachelorette is now a high rising storefront on Bridal Party Tees with top rated designs. This is why Bridal Party Tees wants to highlight VIP Bachelorette as our storefront of the month! What we love most about the VIP Bachelorette storefront is that they have incredible images and logos but were unable to get the quality they desired on custom apparel. While we understand that every storefront owner isn’t a technological wiz Bridal Party Tees wanted to make sure VIP Bachelorette got the exact designs they were envisioning from start to finish. Bridal Party Tees was able to offer art and design assistance to match the needs and look that VIP Bachelorette envisioned.

Bridal Party Tees wants every storefront to achieve the design aesthetic they are looking for and are more than willing to help you get to that level you want to reach. We will help you with art assistance, design concepts, and anything else you can think of! If you are thinking of opening up a storefront with Bridal Party Tees shoot us an email and we will be excited to help your brand grow! Need more information on Bridal Party Tees storefronts? Check out our storefront FAQ page!

Let Love Glow with Glow in the Dark Bachelorette Shirts

Ready, set, glow! Are you looking for the next big idea to set your Bachelorette Party apart from the rest? Bridal Party Tees has now added Glow in the Dark Bachelorette Shirts to make your bridal party stand out in the dark. The glow in the dark feature is a great option to take the “Team Bride” design to the next level on jerseys and pinnies. Our glow in the dark film is an ultra-thin material that is laser cut and then heated pressed. This process creates an extremely durable design that won’t fade over time.  Most bachelorette parties end with a night of dancing at the club so why not create matching glow in the dark koozies and glow in the dark bachelorette sashes.  There is no way you will be missed when you are lighting up the dance floor!

Some great sayings and slogans that work well with the glow in the dark feature are:

 Let Love Glow

Shot In The Dark – Bachelorette Party

Let’s Get Wild

Electric Bride

Glowing Bride

Do you have any glow in the dark bachelorette design ideas? Let us know or start your own storefront!