Bridal Shower Idea~Party With My Peeps


party peeps

I absolutely LOVE the work from Six Chicks Designs. They are a a collaborative design company specializing in interior, event and graphic design. Let me tell you, Six Chicks Designs create the most beautiful and unique graphics and events. They are simply to die for! I really like this event that they just did. It is called Party with My Peeps and I think it would soooo cute for an informal bridal shower. Check it out and tell me what you think! 











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DIY Project – Custom Sparklers from Style Me Pretty


For summer weddings I absolutely love, love, love, sparklers for a grand exit! They are beautiful in pictures and are fun for the guests. Every time I hold a sparkler I am reminded of summers as a child. I think that a lot of people feel this way, that’s why they are so great! So, you can imagine how excited i was when I found this DIY tutorial from Style Me Pretty! Enjoy!


sparkler steps



Heavy Card Stock
X-Acto Knife
Corner Punch Tool
Glassine Bags




1. Print pattern / image onto a heavy weight card stock (this helps keep the sparklers flat).


2. Trim each one out using an x-acto knife and ruler. Cut out small rectangles for the sparklers to slide through. Round the edges with a corner punch tool.


3. Weave sparklers through holes.


4. Slide card into glassine bag for a polished look.


Glassine bags:








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Quick Tip ~ Forget Licking those Envelops



Instead of licking tens of thousands of envelops for your save-the-dates, announcements, and invitations use stickers! You can take a couple different routs on this one. You can print your return address on labels and secure the envelops with those. Another option is to pick a sticker that has a pretty design on it to seal the envelop. The last option is to use a wax seal to close the envelope. This makes for a more secure closure and it is a quite fancy way to seal the envelop. Wax seals are almost vintage in nature. Not too many people use them, which makes them unique. Plus, it just looks wonderful!








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DIY Table Runner


Project Wedding is quickly becoming one of my favorite wedding websites! The site contains a plethora of information and fun ideas. This next idea I want to share with you is incredible simple and I can not believe I did not think of this! I simply love this idea from Project Wedding for three reasons! This idea is easy, it is cheap, and it is so easy to clean up.  This project is creating an easy table setting with wrapping paper.  Project Wedding states that theymade a four person table setting complete with favor boxes and escort cards for $10. That is not a bad price but I bet you could make this for cheaper if you shop for the wrapping paper right after Christmas! Okay, enough of me talking! Here is how to make this project!

steps wrap

Materials you’ll need:


  • Wrapping Paper $3.99 (20 sq. ft. roll)
  • 4″ Cardboard Square Box $1.99 each (We used 4 for this project)
  • Black Ribbon $ .99
  • Fabric paint $1.19
  • Black Card Stock $1.99 (6 cards)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Table setting and potted plants/centerpiece

Step 1: Cut and center runner to desired table length and width. Make sure the runner is no less than 12″ wide and that it hangs over the table ends at least 12″.
Step 2: Wrap the gift box lids with the leftover wrapping paper from the runner. Tie with black ribbon.
Step 3: Write guests’ names on each place card with the fabric paint and lay flat to dry.
Step 4: Set table with gift boxes layered on top of plates. Finish with centerpiece and tableware.








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Remembering Loved Ones Past

A wedding ceremony is a happy time that you want to spend with everyone you love dearly. That is why many brides want to honor love one’s that have pasted in their ceremony.   There are many options to honor your loved ones in your wedding. I personally did a couple different things. I carried a locket on my bouquet with my grandmother’s picture on one side and my husband’s grandmother and grandfather’s picture in the other side. I also, had the mother’s light a memorial candle instead of a unity candle. Both mother’s carried a little tapered candle up the isle that  they used to light the candles. My mother lit a candle for my grandmother and uncle and my mother-in-law lit the candles for her parents. We also, made a donation to the Cancer Society and the Heart Foundation in honor of our grandparents. They were subtle touched that meant a lot to my husband and I. I think the key is to find something that is meaningful to you and your family. So, here are just some of the options to choose from.



Bouquet Embellishments:  Some brides choose to embellish their bouquets to show remembrance for a loved one. One option is to add a locket to your bouquet. You can also tie a rosary around your bouquet. Also, if you have a ribbon or a piece of fabric from your loved on you can have your bouquet wrapped in it.  For example, one bride took a piece of her mother’s wedding gown and used it to wrap her bouquet.

Candles: Candles can be lit in remembrance. This is a wonderful to honor grandparents, parents, and close relatives that have passed. You can even have the officiant say a prayer for your loved ones as the candles are being lit. Another option is to explain the significance of the candle lighting in your program.

Photos: Placing photos of those you want to honor in a visible place at the ceremony or reception is another way to show remembrance. You can place a flower or a candle by the photos, or even a beautiful poem.

Music: This is a tried and true way to remember a loved one at your ceremony. You can have a family member or a wedding singer sing a dedication song for your loved ones. Another option would be to have the DJ make an announcement and play a song in remembrance of the ones you want to honor.

bells in trees

Symbols: Anything that reminds you of a loved one is fine: butterfly bouquet picks, for example. Or a picture-frame pin and photo pinned to a bouquet wrap ribbon, or a monogram pin in the letter of someone you’ve lost. A number of stores sell “In Loving Memory” brooches you can pin to a sash or ribbon.

Bells in Trees:This is one of my favorite options if you are having an outside wedding. You hang bells in the trees from ribbons. Then every time the bells ring it symbolizes the presence of your loved ones and how they are always with you.

Charitable Donations:The “donation in lieu of favors” is a time-tested way to honor someone you’ve lost to a physical illness. Individual cards or a framed table note will let guests know who was on your mind. Some brides set out real or enamel ribbons symbolizing the type of loss involved: pink for breast cancer, teal for ovarian or testicular cancer, and so on. (See Awareness Ribbons Meaning & Colors.) Another option: the bride and her bridesmaids wear awareness bracelets. You can buy the awareness charms individually and make your own, or source the finished bracelet from a number of sites.

A Moment of Silence:  Many couples take a second from their wedding ceremony to dedicate a moment of silence to their loved ones. The officiant can also say some words to member the ones you want to honor.

flowers memories

Seat of Honor: You can reserve seats for those you want to honor at you wedding. You can  add flowers or decorations to the vacant seat. The officiant can also mention what the seat represents to the bride and groom. Another option is to have your florist add a loose flower to your bouquet for each person you want to honor and you can place them on the vacant seats before you go to the alter.

Food:This might seem a little more lighthearted, but you can honor family members by including a famous cookie or candy recipe with your desserts, a signature appetizer on the menu, or a favorite sweet in a candy buffet (did a father love Hersey Kisses?). Include a small framed note that explains the connection.

Clothing: A touching way to remember someone is to wear one of their personal items. Brides have worn their mother’s or grandmother’s veils, or sashes made from the wedding dress. Grooms have worn their father’s tuxes or cufflinks. And let’s not forget jewelry: brides have woven a rosary, locket or set of pearls into their bouquet, and worn a father’s ring around their neck or on their thumb.

Programs:At the end of the wedding program, it is appropriate to add a memoriam line. For example, you might write “Today we honor those who could not be with us, especially the bride’s stepmother Alison Janet Brooks.”

Reference:Wed Smack








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Perfect Pink Wedding Pallet

 When I think of Summer one of the first colors I think of is bright vibrant pink. Pink can be one of the most beautiful color pallets, when it is combined with various shades of pink and a dark brown contrast. Here the use of peonies and roses add texture and color to the flowers. I love how the wedding dress has a flower embellish that mimics the peonies in the bouquet. I am also a huge fan of cupcakes at weddings and these are amazingly beautiful!

pink perfect

Table Decor by Rebecca Thuss, Bouquet and Cupcakes from The Knot, Butterfly Place Cards from Martha Stewart, Wedding Gown from Carolina Herrera,and Outside Venue Decor from

Paper Butterfly How-To


Tools and Materials
Spray adhesive
Decorative paper
Card stock

Floaty Butterflies How-To

1. Spray-mount paper onto card stock or paper that’s colored on both sides; fold in half. Place butterfly template on paper with flat edge of butterfly’s body flush against fold; trace.


2. Cut out butterfly along inside of the traced line and cut out V-shaped notch along the folded edge. Open slightly. Slip notch over rim of glass to hold butterfly in place.

Butterfly Template








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Free Table Number Templates~Swirly Flowers

I love the versatility of table numbers there are so many options. That is why table numbers are a great way to reinforce the theme of your wedding. It is the small details that make a wedding unique. However, stationary can be expensive. That is why I created these table numbers as a free download. I say save money wherever you can! Here are the numbers from 1-20. They are in 4×6 format so, they should easily print on your computer. You can also copy and paste the numbers into Microsoft Word and print from there. Enjoy! Also, check out my other table number designs: Swirly Table Numbers, Oval Flower Table Numbers, and Orange Pop Table Numbers.

flower1 flower2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20






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Upside-Down Beauty

upside down cups

Got a lot of mismatched stemware? Prefect! Then you can have a cheap and beautiful table arrangement for your next bridal shower or  luncheon. If you don’t have the stemware, borrow pieces from other girls in the bridal party or hit up the local thrift store. Because, with just a few flips of the glass, designer Annie Selke—owner of home furnishings company Pine Cone Hill (—created a modern candle-and-flower arrangement that I absolutely love. To achieve this look simply place your goblets upside down on a table, tuck large blooms underneath and top with colorful votives. It may only take a few seconds to pull together, but the elegant impact will last all night.
Pictures and Instructions From: Everyday with Rachel Ray








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Etsy is the home of so many unique and wonderful designers. If you are looking for wedding accessories that are like no other, Etsy is the best place to go. One of my favorite wedding accessory stores on Etsy is Whichgoose. Whichgoose contains a beautiful collection of natural crowns, tiaras, hair combs and fascinators. The designer Emily will also create custom designs especially for you wedding. They are simply beautiful! I have pictured some of my favorites below.


Top Left:Ophelia,Top Right:Princess Buttercup, Bottom Left: Petunia. Bottom Right:Josephine






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