Make Custom Parody Designs for Your Bride Sweatshirt

You know what’s fun? Taking a neat thing from pop culture and re-mixing it. Mashing it up. Making it your own.

If you’re trying to make a unique design for your Bride Shirt or Bachelorette Tank Top, then you have to get creative. You don’t your girls to wear the exact same thing as all the other Bachelorette Parties, right?

For example, the classic Barbie logo. Love that font. So cute.

We’ve re-created this logo so that it says “Bride”. See our Bride-Barbie parody sweatshirt here.

You can customize that design to switch it out onto any of other items. Tees, Tanks, Hats, and so forth.

Hey, you can even add your own text. Add the bride’s name or the wedding date or an inside joke.

Another favorite parody concept on our site is The Real Housewives that we re-mixed to say The Real Bridesmaids.

As in, you can make custom tanks that say The Real Bridesmaids of Name’s Wedding. We made the “the” sideways and everything.

It’s just a big, bold font with a lowercase “the” and uppercase “REAL BRIDESMAIDS”. Then you just need to customize it with the details.

Obviously add the Bride’s name, but you can also think about making specific variations for the Maid of Honor, the Flower Girl, and so on.

As in, The REAL MAID OF HONOR of Amy’s Wedding. The REAL FLOWER GIRL of Amy’s Wedding. You know who would love their own version? The Mother of the Groom. Big time. Think about it!

Did You Get Engaged on Christmas? Get Your Future Mrs. Shirt Today!

Buying Christmas presents for your girlfriend can be a challenge. It’s expensive. It requires a lot of careful consideration. It needs to really pop.

That’s why we recommend the simple path: an engagement ring.

Skip all the hectic gift shopping of the holiday season. Just get a ring! And it’s so easy to wrap! Honestly, you probably don’t even have to wrap it. Just drop to one knee and hand it over.

Future Mrs Shirts

Ladies, if I’ve just described your experience then I have two notes:

1. Congratulations!

2. I have even more shopping advice. Show your new fiance how thrilled you are by getting a custom shirt, tank, or sweater that says “Future Mrs. Last Name Here”.

But don’t get one that actually says Last Name Here. Personalize it with his last name. From Adams to Zigler, you can add any last name you want.

Or, even better, does he have a fun nickname that everyone loves? For example, let’s say your friends affectionately call your soon-to-be husband Frank The Tank. How hilarious would it be if you got a sweater that said “Future Mrs. The Tank”? It would be very funny. He would love it. I would love it.

See all of our Future Mrs. Shirts here.

Personalized Mother Of The Bride Gifts

Weddings are a big deal. So big that bride-to-be’s can be overwhelmed and truly enjoy the experience of getting married. The mother of the bride plays a very special role and is the one always behind the scenes with everything to do with the wedding. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Bridal Party Tees wants to help you show how much you appreciate your mom and all she does with personalized mother of the bride gifts.

Every child envisions their mom as superwoman as she takes care of anything and everything.  It’s no different when the kiddos are all grown up. They are always your first call when things are great and the first call when life is rough. So why wouldn’t you want to give your mom a gift that embodies all of your life and gratitude? Personalized mother of the bride gifts are a great way to remember monumental time for the bride but for the mother as well. To see your child find love and to celebrate that love is all a mother wants for their child.

Bridal Party Tees understand the huge amount stress you’re already under so we’ve already created a gallery full of custom mother of the bride designs. Choose from one of our existing designs or upload a special photo of the two of you and add it to any product we offer. From there click on the big, pink “upload image” tab and upload your image. Any photo taken with a smartphone will be big enough. You can continue to add your own text or even more art or swap the same design onto multiple products with the “swap out item” tab in the design. Once you’ve completed your design, choose a size, and viola!

Personalized Mother of the Bride Gifts

The mother of the bride isn’t the only one  We have mother-of-the-groom designs too! Ask your soon-to-be-husband what he’s getting his mom this Mother’s Day. If he’s still looking for a gift, we have him covered with our unique gifts for the mother of the groom!

There are so many options and opportunities to include mom’s in the wedding process and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Share your pictures with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

The Best Sweating For The Wedding Shirts

Will you ever have better fitness motivation than your wedding day?  In all seriousness, all eyes will literally be on you.  Every bride looks amazing on their wedding day regardless of their size. The most important thing is for the bride to stay healthy and more sane. It doesn’t matter if you are just wanting to feel confident walking down that aisle or to relish in every minute that you are the “bride-to-be” — Bridal Party Tees is here to make your dreams come true with the best sweating for the wedding shirts!

Creating a custom or funny workout shirt can help keep you motivated. Bridal Party Tees has a gallery full of inspiring and catchy designs that will get you sweating for the wedding in no time. Yoga, running, and even cross-fit – we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of performance wear that are breathable and have moisture wicking properties that will keep you dry during your workout.

Here’s a few of our favorite sweating for the wedding shirts to help inspire you through you fitness journey or  you know, just to lounge around in:

Sweating For The Wedding Shirts
Slay For The Big Day

Sweating For The Wedding ShirtsWhite Dress Workout

Sweating For The Wedding Shirts

Wifey In Training

Sweating For The Wedding ShirtsOperation Wedding Dress


Like we stated, it doesn’t matter what your fitness level or preference may be, we have the perfect workout design for you. If you’re not into any of the designs that we offer in our gallery, that’s okay too. With the Bridal Party Tees design center you have the ability to add your own art and text.  You can either start a design from scratch or choose one from a design our gallery and customize it with your wedding colors, dates, and names! Don’t like style or color of the product you can simply switch it out onto another performance shirt or tank top.

If you are struggling to stay motivated and need workout routines to get tight for Mr. Right, make sure to check out our Sweating for the Wedding Pinterest board for great ideas!

Sit Back and Relax With Custom Bridal Robes

Custom bridal robes have finally arrived at Bridal Party Tees!

Our team has been hard at work implementing new and trendy custom apparel for our bride-to-be’s and we are beyond excited to introduce not just one but two new bridal robes! We now offer a Unisex Waffle Weave White Spa robe and a Satin Kimono Short robe that is currently available in three different colors – traditional white, sexy black, and fiery red. Design a robe with your wedding colors and date or gift matching designs to your bridesmaids as a token of appreciation. Custom robes are the perfect accessory to any wedding day. While custom bridal robes are great on your wedding day they are even better for after the wedding.

We know that getting engaged and planning a wedding is overwhelming and we want to help out us much as we can. Customizing bridal robes is not hard with our one-of-a-kind design center. All you have to do is follow these step-by-step instructions below!

1. Choose your favorite design in our gallery or start from scratch.

2. Start designing by:

– adding your own text

– adding art from our massive art library

3. Select a quantity and add to cart!

If you need help achieving that perfect design feel free to contact our Customer Service team. They would be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right item, designing, and ordering!

Share your custom designs with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

The Best Flannels For Your Bridal Party

It’s no secret that flannel shirts are in. From the runway and all the way to your local farmers market, flannel shirts are making a comeback that is bigger and better than ever. Bridal Party Tees always jumps at the opportunity when there’s a new trend in apparel and we are more than thrilled to share with our bride’s the best flannels for your bridal party!

Flannel shirts can be considered a bit on the hipster side but correlates with rustic and western themed weddings. It doesn’t matter if it’s your last bash in Nash or a comfortable and convenient way to show your Mrs. status while getting ready for your big day – bridal party flannels are simply awesome.

Best Flannels For Your Bridal Party

Our flannel designs and fonts are made from a highly durable, fade-resistant laser cut film material. This material is applied at a very high temperature and pressure for a long lasting, vibrant look. This year we’ve expanded our selection to include unisex and ladies styles as well as three more color options for you to choose from.  Easily create matching designs for your maids or for you and your groom to wear for engagement pictures. Bridal Party Tees no minimums policy and group discounts make it incredibly easy for you to create that one design or multiple designs for everyone in your bridal party!

Show us how you incorporated flannel into your big day via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

Custom Bridal Bags

The title bride-to-be is a once in a lifetime occurrence so embrace it with every opportunity you can get! Rock that feyonce or future Mrs. label on paper, clothing and even bags. From the grocery store to the gym, let everyone know that this is your time to shine with custom bridal bags.

Not only do we offer the best selection of custom bridal bags at Bridal Party Tees from custom bridal totes to patterned cosmetic makeup bags but we have a massive gallery of designs ready for you to personalize with names, colors, and dates. Having endless options in designs is a huge plus but that’s not what makes them so great. The majority of bridal bags are decorated with a thin, precision-cut film that is then fused onto the bag with heat that creates a long-lasting, fade resistant design. This printing process also gives brides a metallic foil option when designing.  It’s surprisingly easy to add your own text, font, art, or logo in our design center. And the best part of all: no minimums. Design a bag just for you or create matching designs for you and your entire bridal party! A bulk discount is automatically applied when you order 6 items or more.

Custom Bridal Bags

Our design center has a variety of options in product styles, fonts, and art to allow the user to be as creative as they want but also the effortless functionality to achieve the ultimate, one of a kind design. There’s nothing we love more than offering our customers the best and trendiest bridal apparel online. Design your own custom bridal bags and share your pictures with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

Get The Look: Best Day Ever Wedding Shirts

Your wedding day is considered one of the best days of your life. It can be exciting, overwhelming, and you’ll most certainly want to capitalize on every moment leading up to those official “I do’s.” At Bridal Party Tees, we couldn’t agree more and we can’t get enough of seeing our designs in action.  We are ecstatic to share our featured maids and bride-to-be in their Best Day Ever Wedding shirts!

Best Day Ever Wedding Shirts

These happy maids customized their designs on our Bella flowy collection. This selection of tops includes crops, tanks, and even long sleeved options. This lightweight, super soft and very feminine line of apparel has a slightly transparent print that allows the color of the garment to show through giving it a more fashionable, retail look. They then chose our in-house best day ever and bridesmaids text art in addition to the wedding date to complete their getting ready look!

Love this look to? You can easily create your own Best Day Ever shirts by incorporating wedding dates or new last names. Choose one of the designs in our gallery and simply add your favorite art and colors.  From there, select your favorite style tee, tank, or sweatshirt.

Want to be featured on the Bridal Party Tees blog? Share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @bridalpartytees!

Future Mrs Shirts For National Proposal Day

Are you one of those individuals who has been patiently waiting for your significant other to pop that special question? For those of you have been dragging your feet there is no better time than March 20th. Of course we are talking about National Proposal day! Yes. An entire day dedicated to getting down on one knee and asking for someone’s hand in marriage. If you are one of those lucky proposers or proposees on March 20th then you should plan to celebrate in style and in our opinion, there is no better way to say you are officially off the market then with custom future Mrs. shirts!

National Proposal Day is a great opportunity to let that loved one in your life know you ready for the commitment to spend the rest of your lives together. It’s an exciting moment in life that many cannot wait for so it only makes sense to proudly wear your future last name across your chest. Bridal Party Tees has a gallery full of unique designs with one of a kind art pieces that you will not find anywhere else online. In our design center, you can easily swap out the style or product and simply add your own art and text.

Be traditional by only adding your future last name or be trendy with a parody feyonce shirt. Bridal Party Tees offers an assortment of designs that not only include future mrs. shirts but also off the market shirts, and soon to be shirts that are ready for you to customize. Take advantage of this day by making it extra unique and memorable by proposing to your one and only!

Future Mrs Shirts

Bridal Workout Shirts

It’s no secret that most brides want to look their best on their wedding day.  The hardest part about working out is getting the right amount of motivation to get started. Sometimes the desire to look fabulous in your dress might all the motivation you may need but not likely the case for other bride-to-bes. One of the best solutions to encourage and set great workout habits is new workout gear. Put down the chocolate, store the champagne and start sweating for the wedding with our bridal workout shirts.

Bridal Party Tees is a great place to shop for workout gear and an even better place to put your motivation on a tee or tank. Choose your favorite wedding workout design and add your own art and text. If you don’t like style or color of the design you can simply switch out the product. Not only does Bridal Party Tees offer a variety of shirts and sweatpants but we also have an assortment of performance wear for those hardcore brides who are ready to get their sweat on. Our performance wear enhances your ability to workout more effectively with breathable material and moisture wicking properties that are sleek, comfortable, and good looking.

Bridal Workout Shirts

We completely understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite bridal workout slogans for you:

Slimming Down For The Gown

Mrs. In Training

White Dress Workout

Kettle-bells Before Wedding Bells

Bride Mode

Sweating For The Wedding

If you are struggling to stay motivated and need workout routines to get tight for Mr. Right, make sure to check out our Sweating for the Wedding pinterest board for great ideas!