How to Get Full Lashes From Smashbox



I am always looking for ways to make my eyelashes seem fuller. So while browsing the web I found this little tip from Check it out and I hope it helps you like it helped me!




1. If you want lush lashes without clumps then start with a primer, like our best-selling LAYER LASH PRIMER. Lori says primer is far more crucial to creating longer, thicker looking lashes than your mascara. “Mascara is harsh on lashes,” explains Lori. “That’s why primer is so important because it protects and coats lashes, and helps the mascara go on smoothly.




2. Use a volumizing mascara such as our LIMITLESS LASH MASCARA (it also has a gentle remover on the other end), and wedge the brush right into the roots of the lashes, and wiggle it back and forth. Not only does this make lashes look thicker but it also acts like an eye liner creating a line across inner rim.




3. Use a curler. Make sure you get a high-quality curler that matches the curve of your eye. Wait at least five minutes to allow for mascara to dry before curling (so lashes don’t stick together), then gently squeeze for ten seconds: first near the roots, then in the middle of the lashes, and finally right near the tips. This creates a gorgeous swoop shape.




4. If you want even more lash then fake it, try cutting a band of our MAXI EYES LASHES in half and applying to the outer corners of the eyes






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Get Rid of Dark Circles!

Dark under-eye circle can be a deal pain and for those of us with allergies or bad heredity we have to battle the raccoon eyes everyday.But no one wants to have those dark circles on thier wedding day. So have no fear ladies, there is a way to hide those hideous monsters.




  1. You have to us an under-eye moisturizer. This will keep the concealer from caking up on you. Plus it will help fight those wrinkles if you buy the right one.*wink*


  1. Now you have to find the right concealer. You will want a concealer that has a yellow or orange tone, and is one shade lighter than your foundation. This color will hide that blueish-purple tint that normal color concealer can leave behind.  




  1.  When applying the concealer, do not apply only under the eye. You should apply it all around the eye area, and be sure to blend well. Use your fingertips to dab a little concealer under the eyes, starting on the inside edge and blending out.Set the concealer with a light dusting of translucent face powder so that it stays put. And to avoid drawing attention to your under-eye area, don’t apply eyeliner or mascara to your lower lashes.




  1. Usually the corner of your eye is the darkest part. You can counteract this by using a white shimmer pencil. Some companies manufacture a blueish or white pencil just for this purpose.

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Tips on Getting a Flat Tummy

Are you looking to get those perfect summer abs? Doing the following exercises will get you well on your way to that coveted washboard stomach. This regiment works every portion of your stomach muscles. Leaving you with abs to die for! Do one repetition of a hundred, of each of the following exercises and you will see results in no time flat.



1. Lay on the ground with your feet firmly on the ground and your knees in the air. Place your arms behind your head for support.


2. While keeping your stomach tight, lift your head up off the ground.


3. Lower your head back down so it almost touches the ground.


Tip: To avoid bending your neck forward and straining it, try keeping your eyes on the ceiling while doing the crunches.



1. Lie on your back placing your hands behind your head for support. Lift your legs in the air so that your legs form a 90° angle.


2. Move your legs in a bicycle motion. When your left knee is closer to your body, reach your right elbow to it. When your right knee gets closer to your body, bring your left elbow to it.




1. Lay on the floor as if you were doing regular crunches. Starting at your waist, turn your legs completely to the left side. Place your hands behind your head for support.


2. Lift your head up slightly off the ground as if you were doing a regular crunch.


3. Lower your head back down so it almost touches the ground. After desired number of reps is achieved, repeat exercise on other side.


Tip: To avoid bending your neck forward and straining it, try keeping your eyes on the ceiling while doing the crunches.


* This is great for getting rid of those love handles!




1. Lay on the floor with your arms supporting your neck. Keeping your legs together, bring your knees up so your legs form a 90 angle.


2. In a slow movement, bring your knees in towards your chest.


3. Move your knees away from your chest, bringing them down a little past the starting position. Do this at least 100 times a day and this will get rid of your flabby pouch to reveal the six pack that lies beneath! *This is great for getting rid of a flabby pouch.

Crunches on an Exercise Ball


1. Rest your body on the ball in a way that your neck, head, and part of your shoulders do not touch the ball. Hold your head up by placing both arms behind your head.


2. While keeping your body steady on the ball, lift your head up as if you were doing a regular crunch.


3. Lower your head back down to starting position.


Tip: To avoid bending your neck forward and straining it, try keeping your eyes on the ceiling while doing the crunches.

The Ab Reach


1. Lay on the floor with your right foot resting on your left knee.


2. Lift your shoulders and neck as if you are doing a regular crunch, however reach your left hand above and over your right foot.


3. Lower your head to just above the ground. After desired number of reps is achieved, repeat on other side.


To get the optimum results you need to incorporate cardio exercises into your exercise plan. This is because crunches can only tone the abs; it cannot get rid of the layer of fat on top of the abdominal muscles. Only way to lose the fat, is to do some form of vigorous aerobic exercise like skipping, jogging, cycling and so on for no less than 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. These exercises help increase the metabolic rate, causing your body to use up all stored forms of energy, your fat. Aerobics exercises target specific areas of body fat, while weight training increases the body’s overall metabolic rate. So in a way it enhances the action of aerobics. When you get rid of the layer of belly fat, you can start doing crunches.

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Including Your Children in the Wedding


Including your own (or your fiancé or both of yours) children in your wedding can be a lovely way to unit two families or reiterate the love you have for your child or children. If one of you already has children, you may decide that you want to include them in your wedding. Many couples include them in the ceremony itself, and some couples include them in the vows. Here are some ideas for including your children in your wedding. Remember these are simply ideas it is ultimately up to you, so make it special.  

Hands Ceremony      

Use a re-written version of the Hands Ceremony as one way to include our children. While the ceremony little resembled the initial Hands Ceremony, we did keep the line mentioning “whose hands will hold our future children” with a few revisions. We simply stated, “Whose hands hold our children” and listed their names. This is merely one example of how a common ceremony reading can be converted to include your children. Another way we included our children was to have them stand with the wedding party (it was a purposely timed to be a short ceremony for this exact reason).

Unity Candle                                                                                                           

 If they are older (pre-teen and above), a unity candle ceremony might be appropriate. Have the couple light one candle, and the child light the other candle. Once they are lit, both can light the middle candle together. The unity candle is a symbol of family unity and can be used in a variety of situations.

Family Medallion                                                                                       

Another solution is the “family medallion”. This is a necklace that has three intertwined circles on it. Each circle can represent a person (such as Bride, Groom and Child) or the circles can represent mixed families (the bride and her children, the groom and his children and adopted/step-children). Any combination of three will work with this type of unity device. The idea is that the family becomes united like the circles on the medallion.

The Kissing Ceremony                                                                                       

  In the Kissing Ceremony, the groom and bride said traditional vows then they said vows to the child. Instead of a ring, they sealed the vows with a kiss. The vows were along the lines of “With this kiss, I swear to love you unconditionally, to do my best to raise you correctly and to take care of you in sickness and health”. It’s a very moving ceremony that imbues a lot of emotion into the event.

After Wedding Gifts                                                                                         

 Other parents wait till after the wedding is over in order to express the solemnity of the joining of the families. The joining of families is often commemorated with a gift or a heart-felt discussion. If the child is very young, a heirloom gift may be purchased. Be sure to engrave the date, the name of the couple and the child’s (or children’s) name on the gift to symbolize the joining of the family rather than just the bride and groom.

Children’s Vows

Children’s vows usually take place toward the end of the wedding, after the ring exchange. They can be simple worded vows, spoken by the parents alone if the children are very young, or be participatory, involving everyone. They should include a promise to love, nurture and support them, and make them feel that they are an important part of the new family. Some couples like to give the kids gifts, like jewelry in the form of a family medallion, as a symbol of their new family bond.

Sand Ceremony

You can use different colors of sand for each individual (and even different vases if you wish) which are then poured into the one large container representative of your family.

_______________ and ______________, today you join your lives together. These bottles of sands of various colors symbolize your individual spirits of you and that of ____’s daughter_____. Each container is unique, representing who you are. As these containers of sand are poured into a third larger container, the different colors will join together to form something quite beautiful. You are joined together today, not only in marriage, but as family.

This is just an idea but you may personalize it however you like.


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The Edge Lover’s Brownie Pan

One thing is certain my favorite brownies are the edge piece. This poses a bit of a problem seeing how the edge pieces are everyone in my family’s favorite part. When the brownies come out of the oven, it’s a mad rash for the edge pieces, knocking down anyone who stands in your way!  Well lucky for us I found this super pan that I think will solve all our problems. This is the edge lover’s brownie pan and it is designed to make every single piece have an edge. I am so excited I could scream! This is the best invention ever and I just had to share it with all of you. I know you middle lovers are snarling up your nose, but I am sure I just made all the edge lovers extremely happy. For more info click here!

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Fall Mood Lighting~Pumpkin Chandeliers

pumpkin candleier

This Chandelier idea is a great way to give a romantic feel to a fall themed wedding. A simple grapevine wreath is adorned with colorful fallen leaves and then illuminated by tea lights set inside mini-pumpkin holders. Then this gorgeous design is suspended from a ceiling hook. This Chandelier is sure to give a warm, rustic atmosphere to any wedding. To make the glow last, light the candles just before your guests arrive. Source

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Olive You!

olive you

There is a new wedding favor option coming out October 26, 2007. It is a glass olive oil bottle. This is a favor that will bring style to your guests’ kitchens while serving as a practical ‘thank you” for the romantic occasion.. Whether you’re a gourmet cook sharing your passion or you’re looking for a traditional symbol of Italian cuisine, this re-usable favor is loaded with flavor! The oil bottle is presented in a beautiful black and white floral design gift box with a signature verse from the artist. A sheer black organza ribbon and olive tag also add a beautiful touch. This favor will certainly be used for years to come! Plus they will only run you about $3 per guest so this is definitely a cheaper option. Check it out!

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