Wedding Photography Advice from the Little Wedding Guide


Researching wedding photographers online first can save a lot of time before setting up any actual appointments.

View different photographers’ portfolios and read about their experience and approach — from this, you’ll quickly be able to tell if this is someone with whom you share a similar vision.

Ask how many weddings the photographer has done and whether or not he or she has photographed at your wedding venue. Familiarity with the space ahead of time will allow for more efficiency on the part of the photographer, who will be able to plan for different shots and situations unique to that venue.

Also, make sure that the photographer you choose will be the one who will be at your wedding. If you’re dealing with a large company who has several photographers available, they may send whoever’s available on your wedding date. Be sure to get this in writing, as part of the contract with the photographer.


Once you narrow down your list and choose a photographer who meets your needs and style, talk with him or her about the various wedding services that they offer. Typical services include:

  • Engagement Portraits

  • Wedding Proofs

  • Wedding Albums

  • Parents’ Albums

  • Extra Prints

  • Negatives

The cost for each of these services varies greatly from photographer to photographer. Decide what you need before interviewing someone so that you have an idea of what the total cost will look like after ordering extra prints, purchasing the negatives, etc.

Note: Most experienced wedding photographers will charge quite a bit extra for orders of extra prints (which is also how they make their money) and for selling you the original negatives. Some photographers won’t sell the negatives at all. Find out up front what these costs are, and what your photographer’s policy on obtaining negatives is.

Some final questions to ask include the following:

  1. What is your payment/deposit procedure?

  2. What is the cancellation policy?

  3. What is your policy/cost for overtime, should my wedding run longer than scheduled?

  4. Do you offer any sort of money-back guarantee?

  5. Do you have a standard list of photos/poses that I can choose from? (Ex. Bride and Father Dancing, Exchange of Rings at Ceremony, Cake Cutting at Reception, etc.)

  6. How soon after the wedding will I be able to review the proofs? How many proofs will I receive?

  7. When will I receive my wedding albums?

  8. Do you have a website where our family and guests can order additional prints?


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Monogrammed Truffles

monogramed truffles

At a wedding the monogrammed items are huge! This shows the union of the bride and groom and it is a sweet tribute. So what better way to incorporate this than by giving your guests something sweet to remember you by? I think these truffles will do the trick quit nicely. They are available in white, dark, and milk chocolate so you are assured to apply to everyone’s taste buds. Plus they have shelf life of 6 moths so you can order them ahead of time and have no worries! These chocolates are only $0.99 each, which is very affordable. Check them out!

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Wedding Hairstyles to Fit Your Face Shape

wedding hair for face

Your wedding hairstyle is one of the most important parts of the evening. Well…besides the dress, loved ones, and marrying the man of your dreams but you know what I mean. Picking a wedding style is one of the hardest choices because it has to do with the dress but you also want it to flatter your face shape. Every woman wants to look her best and be totally gorgeous. But sometimes, it can seem like something’s just not right, as though you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you need to ‘fix’ something. You’ve bought the dress, the shoes are perfect, you found the ideal pair of earrings and you’ve organized the best makeup solution. If it’s your hair that’s bothering you, then you really need to take a look at the shape of your face because it’s an all-important consideration when trying to look right. Asking your hairdresser for wedding hairstyles that suit your face shape is a wonderful idea. Just by looking through celeb photos you can see your favorite stars that look fantastic sometimes and awful at others. It could have something to do with their hairstyle not matching their face shape. Take a good look at your face in the mirror, with your hair tied back. Examine the angles of your cheekbones, the height of your forehead, how round or pointy your chin is and how square your jaw line is. Finding appropriate Wedding hairstyles is as easy as determining whether you have a diamond, square, round, oblong, heart-shaped or oval face and picking a style to suit.

With a face length around one and a half times longer than the width of your face, you are oval. You’re lucky; an oval face is on everybody’s wish list, so your wedding hairstyle can be just about anything you want. You can go for any length or choose an updo for added elegance. Avoid too much ‘clutter’ around your face with weighty bangs; add earrings as a feature instead.

Your face is roughly as wide as it is long so you need to add a little fullness and some height around the crown. It’s best to avoid wedding hairstyles that are chin length because it will draw attention to the roundness of your face. Instead, keep it layered around the crown and have it cut close to your cheeks to ‘raise’ your cheekbones.

If your face appears longer than it is wide, yours is oblong. The best wedding hairstyles for you are short to medium in length. If it’s too long, your hair will appear to make your face look longer so try to keep it above shoulder length or even just below your chin. Keep it soft and full around your face.

Rather self-explanatory, your square face needs to be softened with wavy or wispy wedding hairstyles. Whether you go short or medium is up to you but long would not work as well. Definitely avoid center parts.

Wide cheekbones and/or forehead and a narrow jaw mean you have a heart-shaped face. Choose from wedding hairstyles that part on the side and ask for some pretty, wispy bangs. Avoid anything too short or it will draw attention to your pointy chin.

With a face that’s widest at the cheekbones, and with a forehead and jaw line roughly equal in width, you too are fortunate in that you can choose from a wide range of wedding hairstyles. Whether curly, straight or wavy, swept back, long or short, the only thing you need to avoid is anything that’s brushed forward too much.

Just remember these are just suggestions. You wedding hairstyle should be one that you absolutely love. Make sure to make an appointment with your hairdresser a few weeks before the wedding to try out various options. Look at your face shape, your dress, and most importantly your vision of the perfect style! Source

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Turkish Shoe Signing

shoe signing

Try a who-will-marry-next tradition that Turkish brides have been practicing for generations. Before you start down the aisle, have your single bridesmaids (or any female friends or relatives who’ve yet to marry) autograph the sole of your bridal shoe. After you’ve danced the night away (and tossed your bouquet), legend has it that the person whose name has faded the most will be the next to marry. Source

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How to Tie a Tie!?!

1) The wide end "W" should extend about 12 inches below the narrow end "N". Cross the wide end "W" over the narrow end "N".

2) Bring the wide end "W" up through the loop between the collar and your tie; then back down.

3) Pull the wide end "W" underneath the narrow end "N" and to the right, back through the loop and to the right again so that the wide end "W" is inside out.

4) Bring the wide end "W" across the front from right to left.

5) Pull the wide end "W" up through the loop again.

6) Bring the wide end "W" down through the knot in front.

7) Using both hands, tighten the knot carefully and draw it up to the collar.


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