At Bridal Party Tees, we like to think of ourselves at experts at throwing great bachelorette parties. Over time, we've put together a pretty darn good list of ideas, events, and t-shirts to think about when you're planning your next bachelorette party!

Stuff to Buy

  1. Invitations: Once you have your guest list nailed down, and decided on a theme (although it's not always necessary to have a theme) you should choose invitations to match! You can do this via email, but for things like this snail mail has its charm!
  2. Recipe Cards: If you plan on hosting the bachelorette party at home (or even just using it as a launching pad) you can slip a recipe card in the invitation and ask each guest to concoct their favorite drink and bring enough for the rest of the party to sample! And if anyone asks for the recipe-viola! You already have it!
  3. Personalized, Matching T-Shirts: As of late, it has been trendy to design personalized t-shirts for your group. You can use the Bridal Party Tees Design Center to add your own text, art, and images. A lot of popular designs have been made recently by uploading a picture of the Bride's smiling face and getting it printed on the shirts. Check out a few more personalized bachelorete designs at the bottom of this page!
  4. Bachelorette Gear: Whether you wear matching, custom tee shirts or not, if you're going out on the town it's always fun to make sure the bride stands out in the crowd! Now there are a plethora of options you can choose from for the bride's last outing as a single lady! If you're planning the party, chances are you know her well enough to know what she's comfortable wearing and what she's not. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Veil
    2. Flashing Tiara
    3. Feathery Boas
    4. Shot Glasses
    5. Huge Plastic "Diamond" Rings
    6. Frilly Garters (or Candy Garters)
    7. Bachelorette Bingo Cards or Scavenger Hunt Checklists
    8. Custom Beauty Pageant Sash
  5. Disposable Cameras: If you plan on going out on the town for the bride's big night out, you might not want to risk dropping or losing your expensive digital camera. If you buy a couple in advance you can even decorate them with puffy paint, glitter, and rhinestones to add to your flashy accessories for the evening!
  6. Limo: If there is drinking involved you definitely want to have a safe way to get around town. If everyone pools their resources, Limos can be rather affordable.

Things to Do

For a milder bride:

  1. Spa Day: Gather up the girls and head to a nearby spa for a day of manicures, pedicures, massages, and relaxation! You all deserve to feel like queens for the day. Afterwards indulge in a group lunch or dinner to de-stress for the big day!
  2. Dinner Out: Figure out the bride's favorite restaurant and everyone can go, enjoy the food, have a glass of wine, desserts, and reminisce about good times with the bride!
  3. Go to a Play or Concert: No one said you had to do things the way everyone else does! If the bride's favorite band is in town, get your group together and go watch them play! Or if she's more into the theater, you can all go out to a play!
  4. Pampering and Make-up: Get the girls to meet up early and get your make-up done before you go out, while enjoying a martini or glass of champagne! You could also hit up a beauty bar and get the works-hair, nail, and make up followed by a night out with the group!
  5. Wine Tasting: Get out to the local winery and have a classy and relaxing weekend with the girls complete with massages and wine tastings! If you know of a great place but it's out of town make a weekend of it and have a road trip bachelorette party!
For a wilder bride:

  1. Learn how to Pole Dance: A growing trend has been to go to someone's house and take a class in strip dancing, or go to a studio and learn to pole dance! A professional female can come to your house and teach you the art of pole dancing and lap dancing.
  2. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt: Have all the bridesmaids and bachelorette party guests come up with a list of light-hearted dares for the bride to accomplish before the end of the night. They can be things like "Use a pick-up line on a bar-tender", "Dance with a bald headed man", "Get a guy's underwear", etc.
  3. Passion Party: A more popular party is called a "passion party" where you go to a friend's house and hire a passion party consultant to come out and show different adult toys, lingerie, and more!
  4. Go Bar Hopping: Get a sober driver or bus to take you to one, or multiple bars. Have the bride get a little tipsy and take lots of pictures! If you are pre-gaming before you go out, you might want to purchase a few jello shot injectors!

Pick a Theme

  1. Team Bride: Show your support for the bride by letting her know you're all on her team. Everyone gets custom "Team Bride" shirts and their very own jersey number. It's always a great idea to include each girl's nickname in their own design. In the photo on the left you can see "The Baker", "The Baby Mama", "Mushi Mushi", and more. Don't forget to use a nice Varsity-style font when creating your design!
  2. Western/Cowgirl/Rodeo: If the bride's a country girl why not go with a country theme for her bachelorette-complete with cowgirl hats, boots, and jeans? You can even take the hee-haw to a country-themed bar and do some line dancing! Possible scandalous t-shirt design: Save a Horse, Ride the Bride: Sue's Last Rodeo!
  3. Poker/Gambling: Love (and marriage) is a gamble. With that said, you can always take the bride and her crew to the casino or racetrack to try her luck! Possible t-shirt design: A pair of dice bouncing in front of a poker hand consisting of four Aces, with each girl's name printed underneath.
  4. Disco Inferno: Take your dancing diva to a club where she can boogey all night long! Make it even more fun by dressing for the occasion in Saturday Night Fever or Studio 54 attire. Who said disco was dead?
  5. Be a Badass: For this theme, everyone needs custom tank tops that say "Badass - Bride", or "Badass - Maid of Honor", or "Badass - Bridesmaid". Be sure to choose a tatto-style font and a ool piece of gothic art, such as the heart with angel wings taht the girls are wearing in the photo to the right. Now all you need is enough attitude and maybe a Biker Bar!
  6. Royalty: You know you're a princess, and you know the bride's a queen. So why not deck your selves out in tiaras, boas, heels, and bling! Go to a spa to get pampered for the day and take a limo to your night-time destinations later that night!
  7. Star Struck (Astrology): If the bride knows her astrological signs as well as her fiance's we can predict that she'll love a New Age party. Hire a tarot card reader and an astrologer to do everyone's chart!
  8. Sexy in the City: Start the party by getting all the girls together going shopping for a glamorous outfit. For those with a smaller budget, just buy some fabulous shoes and pair it with a custom t-shirt For Inspiration check out our Sara in the City Bachelorette Tank! It's what Carrie would want! Follow shopping by getting all dressed up and going out for dinner in one of the many restaurants featured in the show. End the night at a classy bar or bars.
  9. No Theme: So you don't want to have a themed bachelorette party? That's ok, there are still ways to coordinate all the girls together. Have everyone wear the bride's wedding colors whether it's a t-shirt, skirts, leggings or shoes. Then to make the sure the bride stands out have her wear a special shirt with all of the typical fun accessories (tiaras, boas, and glowing jewelry). Struggling with finding a fun shirt for the bride? Check out our Final Fling, Out to Mingle and Buy me a Shot t-shirts for ideas!


  1. Vegas, Baby, Vegas: Las Vegas has more to offer than just casinos and hotels. You can spend the day by the pool, at the spa, or chow down with your girls at one of the many fabulous restaurants!
  2. Glitzy NYC: If you and your girls like to take epic shopping sprees followed by a couple cocktails, then New York City is the perfect destination for your bachelorette party! You can spend the day shopping at SoHo and then put on a party dress and heels for drinks in the Meatpacking District!
  3. Disney World: If you're looking for some fun in the sun with your girls, why not take a road trip for a weekend at the Jersey Shore! Cape May is one of the best beaches in the US and home to a plethora of antique shops and waterfront restaurants. (Not just fist-pumping and spray tans!
  4. Cape May New Jersey: If you're looking for some fun in the sun with your girls, why not take a road trip for a weekend at the Jersey Shore! Cape May is one of the best beaches in the US and home to a plethora of antique shops and waterfront restaurants. (Not just fist-pumping and spray tans!)
  5. South Beach, Florida: If you're looking for a place where you can, "Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach 'til the break of dawn", look no further than Miami! As the Fresh Prince so aptly puts it, it's impossible not to have a good time in Miami-and look and feel glamorous doing it! Soak in some rays during the day and enjoy your favorite drink at Rose Bar at night.
Fun fact: All the bachelorette party-goers in the photos on this page are happy customers of either Bridal Party Tees or our sister site Customized Girl. And they are all wearing their custom shirts they got from us!
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