Storefront FAQs
This FAQ section covers all the basic storefront information you'll want to know when getting started. Just open up the accordion menu and choose a link!

How exactly do I get started?
To get started, just click this button:

Create Your Store

If you are not already signed in, clicking the button will prompt you to sign into your account or create an account.

Next you will be able to create a store URL, title, and description. You can also upload your own logo. Once your store is live, you can start adding designs!

To create a design, first choose a blank item. Choosing an item will take you to the design center. Create your design and click the "Save" button.

When saving your design, you will be able to add a name and a description, and you will also see a share option. Just choose "storefront only" and that is it!
Why choose Bridal Party Tees for my storefront?
Well, we are the only wedding-specific, print-on-demand, apparel-storefront-platform in existence. So that's one advantage!

We also have one of the biggest and trendiest selection of customizable women's tops on the internet. Plus tons of great accessories like sashes, hats, socks and more. Plus all kinds of amazing apparel.

Also, every design is customizable in our easy-to-use design center.

For example. Let's say you are a wedding planner and your bride wants her whole crew to wear custom, matching tank tops for the bachelorette party. Or maybe your bride wants her bridesmaids to wear something special as they get ready for the wedding and get photographed.

You can create a storefront with your own custom bride and bridesmaid designs. Give the link to your bride, and she can add her name and her bridesmaids' names to each design! Actually, it's so easy, you could even do that for her in just a few minutes.
How do I get paid?
Two options: PayPal or a Bridal Party Tees gift card.

To view and redeem earnings, go to My Account and then Redeem My Earnings

If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can create one. It's easy and free. You will be asked to enter an email address.

Earnings move from "pending" to "redeemable" 30 days after the order is placed. (This is because we offer a 30 day return policy.)

Redeemable earnings can be claimed right away in the form of a Customized Girl gift card. Or you can use PayPal, once you have $30 in the redeemable column. If you've only just built your store, your Earnings page will have sections explaining the Gift Card and PayPal options, but it will not yet contain the field for entering your PayPal address. (See this link for more info.)
How much can I earn?
The royalty rate depends on the item. Right now, it ranges from 10% to 30%. We want to pay you as much as we can. Some items have higher margins, so we can offer a higher royalty rate on those items.

You will see the royalty rate at the bottom of every product details page (example) and also on the save page. (When you save a design, you will see "The royalty rate for this item is X%").

Tip: if you want to find low-priced items with high royalty rates, start with our Fruit of the Loom short sleeve tees.

Where can I see my earnings?
View your earnings by going to My Storefront and then My Sales.

You will see your lifetime earnings, followed by a list of your top ten designs by sales, followed by a list of your last 2,000 transactions.

You can see your pending earnings and redeemable earnings by going to My Storefront and then Redeem Earnings.
When can I redeem my earnings?
To redeem your earnings, go to My Storefront and then choose Redeem Earnings.

Your earnings are "pending" until 30 days after the order is placed. The 30 day window is just in case a customer cancels or returns that order.

After 30 days, your earnings will move from the pending column to the redeemable column. You can immediately redeem those earnings with a Bridal Party Tees gift card.

To redeem by PayPal, you must have at least $30 in the redeemable column.
Why does this royalty amount look odd in my earnings report?
Let's say you created a design and put it on a $30 sweatshirt, and that sweatshirt has a royalty setting of 15%. You might expect to earn $4.50 with each sale.

But keep in mind, we are always going to give you 15% of whatever the customer pays for that item .

For example, if the customer adds a design to the back, they will pay $37.50. If they get an 3XL too, they might pay $39.50. In that case, you will earn $5.93 for that sale. If they buy five of those sweatshirts, you will earn $29.63.

If they use a coupon code, or if their order qualifies for group discounts, the price-per-item will be lower.

Also, it's possible that a customer might love your design, customize it in the design center, and use the Swap Out Item tab to put that design on a different item, like a coffee mug. If that mug is $15.00 with a 12% royalty, then that is why you see $1.80 as your royalty.
How do I put my designs in a certain order?
When viewing your storefront, you will see a little "sequencing points" field under each design. The default point total is zero. If all your designs have a point total of zero, and you want to get a design to first place, just add a number more than zero. Then click the Save Sequencing button.

We recommend leaving a numerical gap between your designs. For example, give your first place design 90,000 points. Give your second place design 80,000 points. Then, in a few weeks, when you add a new design and you want it to rank in second place, give it 85,000 points. This way, you can always fit any design into any slot.

This field allows for up to five digits, so the max point total is 99,999.
How can I organize my designs?
When saving your design, you will see three "share" options:
  • Post to Storefront & Public Gallery
  • Post to Storefront Only
  • Keep Private
If you choose Post to Storefront & Public Gallery, you will have two main ways to organize your designs: 1. Tags. If you want to display a selection of designs from your storefront on one page, add a unique tag to each design. By "unique", we mean a tag that no other storefront owner might use.

2. Categories. You can add each design to one of our "start with a design" nav menu categories. When a user is navigating that menu, they will be able to see your design. Please only put your design in an appropriate category. If it's out of place, your design might not be approved. If it doesn't fit into a category, that's cool, just skip that option on the Save page.

We also have plans to add a method for building categories within your own storefront. Honestly, we're trying to release simple-as-possible system, and then develop more features based specifically on your feedback. We want you to love building and operating your storefront!
Can I see examples of what other stores are doing?
Here are some great storefronts on our platform:
Ever After Designs
Bachelorette Poetry
The Brides Style
The Groom Store
VIP Bachelorette
Bridal Wear
Glam and Glitz Events
Stephanie Collection

We're trying to keep things simple. You have a big profile image (like, for your logo). Then you have a store title and a description. Then you have all your designs. Simple as that!
Do my designs have to show up in the gallery?
No. When saving your design, you will see three "share" options:
  • Post to Storefront & Public Gallery
  • Post to Storefront Only
  • Keep Private
If you choose Post to Storefront Only, your designs will only ever show on your storefront.

If you choose Post to Storefront & Public Gallery, your designs will show in the public gallery if someone searches Bridal Party Tees for a keyword that you have included in the design or design info. If you choose this option and assign it to a category or add tags, your design will show on those gallery pages as well.

If you choose either of these two options, your design must first pass through an approval process to make sure there are no copyright or other issues.

If you choose Keep Private, your design will not show up in your store or gallery. You will be able to find it by going to My Account > My Saved Designs. Also, your design will not go through the approval process, and thus will not be eligible to earn a royalty.
I just saved a design but I don't see it on my storefront?
Every design must be approved before it gets published to your storefront. If you're adding designs during normal work hours, Monday - Friday, your design should get approve fairly quickly. On weekends it usually takes less than 12 hours, but it could take a couple of days. If the design is in a copyright-grey-area, we sometimes agonize over it.

When approving designs, we basically just want to make sure your design does not contain any violations of copyright or inappropriate content. Please don't take things from the internet (photos, artwork, images, etc.) and upload them to your designs. The original creator of that art owns the copyright, and would not be acceptable to sell someone else's art on our apparel.

The only exception to this rule is artwork that is now in the public domain. Most works before 1900 (or where the artist has been dead for 100 years) are in the public domain.

You can see more info about why designs get marked as "not approved" over here in our advanced user FAQ.

Please note, if you edit your design, it will return to "pending mode" and go live once it is approved again.
What if someone customizes one of my designs?
You still get paid. It doesn't matter how much they change it. If they enter the design center by customizing your design, and add something to their cart, you earn the royalty.

They can also save the design. If they save it privately, you will still get the royalties every time it is ordered.

We have processes in place to prevent another user from saving your design to their own storefront. If you do notice someone copying your designs, please contact us right away:
How can you offer such trendy styles?
Because we want to! We're Bridal Party Tees. Most of our customers are fashionable young women. We have an obligation to offer the latest, trendiest styles.

However, that does come with a price. Please understand that some trends come and go. It's possible a manufacturer might, someday, stop making a certain style.

It's also possible a manufacturer might stop carrying a certain color. In this case, we will try to put your design on the next-closest color for you.

You always have the option to click on your design, and then click edit design (which takes you to the design center). Then you can use the Swap Out Item tab to put your design on a different item.

Sidenote: because we sometimes have to swap your design from one item to another item, it is a good idea to avoid putting too many "product details" into the "design description" field. On your design's page, we will automatically display up-to-date product info. There is no need to duplicate that product info. Please use the "design description" field to describe the design, and not so much the product.
What if I have more questions?
Please email us at

We're genuinely excited to hear from you. Please send us an email!

And feel free to out check this helpful FAQ page:

Storefront FAQs - Advanced Users

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